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  • S1E11 In the Meadow

    Don't overlook the meadow! With three habitat zones meadows are home to a wide variety of creatures, you just have to know where to look. Peter picks up a garter snake, and net-swishes for insects. Then he visits the Howell Nature Center to see a famous ground hog. How much wood can a woodchuck c...

  • S1E12 The Pond

    The pond is a beautiful place filled with amazing creatures. What are some differences between ponds and lakes? Fish, birds, turtles, and insects all live in ponds . . . and so do FROGS! Peter started learning about frogs when he was a young boy.

    Some creatures make their own ponds. The larges...

  • S1EP1 Underappreciated Creepers

    Join Nathan as he searches for the under-appreciated creatures in the wild. Did you know scorpions, while venomous, keep destructive insect populations in check? Even the under-appreciated creepers serve crucial functions in God's plan and perform thousands of tasks that benefit mankind and the w...