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  • S1EP1 Underappreciated Creepers

    Join Nathan as he searches for the under-appreciated creatures in the wild. Did you know scorpions, while venomous, keep destructive insect populations in check? Even the under-appreciated creepers serve crucial functions in God's plan and perform thousands of tasks that benefit mankind and the w...

  • S1EP2 Desert Creepers

    Nathan ventures into the desert in search of more creeping things. Learn about the Vinagaroon, Chuckwalla Lizard, the Great Basin Gopher Snake, and more. Did you know desert tortoise can live to 150 years old? Desert creeping things have amazing adaptations and serve crucial functions in God's plan.

  • S1EP3 California Creepers

    Southern California has a wide range of habitats and is home to a diverse reptile and amphibian population. Learn about the genetic variability of various frogs, toads, turtles, snakes and others that allow them to blend in and survive in their surroundings according to God's plan.

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