World Religions Conference

World Religions Conference

17 Episodes

Watch the World Religions Conference to learn what other religions believe, how they differ from biblical Christianity, and how you can effectively share the gospel with these lost souls. These expert speakers erase the confusion for laymen!

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World Religions Conference
  • Two Religions

    Episode 1

    There are only two religions in the world! Ken Ham explains the importance of recognizing this and its impact on our everyday lives as followers of Jesus Christ.

  • Biblical Christianity

    Episode 2

    What sets biblical Christianity apart from all other religions? Dr. Corey Abney explains how knowing the true religion is the key to spotting false religions and cults.

  • Judaism

    Episode 3

    Some view Judaism–the religion of traditional Jews—as "a sister religion" to Christianity. This talk helps you better understand Judaism to make you a more effective witness for the gospel.

  • Marks of a Cult

    Episode 4

    What's the difference between core doctrines and secondary doctrines of Christianity? What are the marks of a cult? In this session, Dr. Mark Bird gives numerous examples of cults and how they deny core doctrines.

  • Jehovah’s Witnesses

    Episode 5

    You will benefit from Dr. Rhodes' decades of experience and research that will help you distinguish biblical truth from cultic error. Gain confidence to speak gospel truth the next time a Jehovah's Witness comes to your door.

  • Sharing the Gospel with Mormons

    Episode 6

    Do the Mormons actually have new truth about Jesus not contained in the Bible? While many of the words sound the same, Mormon doctrine strays far from biblical truth. Learn how to share the rest Christ offers to Mormons.

  • Sharing the Gospel with Muslims

    Episode 7

    While they believe that there is one true God, Muslims reject Jesus as the Savior that can bring them eternal life and rest from their striving. Join Roger Patterson as he explains this and equips you to share the gospel with Muslims.

  • Refutations of World Religions

    Episode 8

    In this fascinating talk, Bodie Hodge dives into the philosophical and theological refutations of the world's false religions.

  • Secular Humanism

    Episode 9

    Popular apologist Todd Friel takes you on a breakneck 6,000-year tour to equip you to answer the questions secular humanism persistently asks.

  • Materialism & Naturalism

    Episode 10

    Dr. Tommy Mitchell explores the many shortcomings in this "matter is all that matters" worldview to help you relate the hope of the gospel.

  • The Bankruptcy of Atheism

    Episode 11

    Mark Spence will show you how atheists rely on faith, which will help you point them to their need for Jesus.

  • Buddhism

    Episode 12

    You may picture a chubby statue of a man sitting cross-legged in meditation, but that is a big misunderstanding of who the Buddha was and what he taught. Discover the truth and how to point Buddhists towards the gospel in this presentation.

  • Hinduism

    Episode 13

    Dr. Carl Broggi will equip you with a basic understanding of what Hinduism teaches and give you a great advantage in communicating the gospel.

  • The New Age Movement

    Episode 14

    In this video, Dr. Ron Rhodes will help you understand some of the big-picture concepts of the New Age movement and how they contradict the Bible.

  • Satanism

    Episode 15

    Bodie Hodge helps you understand the forms of Satanism and how they are refuted biblically and logically.

  • Confucianism

    Episode 16

    Blending forms of Eastern thought makes this system distinct from biblical Christianity, yet the similarities offer Christians a bridge to share the gospel.

  • Witchcraft & Paganism

    Episode 17

    Many people are seeking to build their own religion. Find out how to connect these people to the source of truth, Jesus Christ.