Way of the Master

Way of the Master

5 Seasons

The award-winning Way of the Master is a fast-paced, family-friendly talk show with a reality television twist. The program delivers inspiring, insightful, and thought-provoking interaction between dynamic co-hosts, captivating interviews with well-known guests, and colorful man-on-the-street witnessing encounters.

Way of the Master
  • The Kendrick Brothers

    Episode 1

    From small beginnings to huge openings, these filmmakers are on a remarkable journey.

  • Kirk Cameron on Hollywood

    Episode 2

    Kirk Cameron discusses the Christian’s role in Hollywood.

  • Ambassadors’ Academy, Part 1

    Episode 3

    A man from Scotland journeys to California to face his fear of evangelism.

  • Ambassadors’ Academy, Part 2

    Episode 4

    Street-preacher training on the streets of Los Angeles.

  • Ray Comfort and God

    Episode 5

    Ray Comfort is well known in Christianity, but where did he come from and what are his motives?

  • Risking It All

    Episode 6

    Skydiver stuntman Anthony Martin is locked in a casket and thrown out of a plane, for real!

  • Hypocrite Christians

    Episode 7

    How can you know for sure if you are a Christian? Ray Comfort answers this common question.

  • Mission: Philippines

    Episode 8

    The Living Waters team preaches the gospel on a college campus in the Philippines.

  • Hip Hop Gospel

    Episode 9

    Is it ok to breakdance in church? It is if you’re a B-Boy missionary!

  • Forgiveness

    Episode 10

    A broken marriage, abuse, and years of pain were no match for God’s Grace.

  • Gospel Tracts

    Episode 11

    Brother Billy of Balboa Park shows us how to get the gospel to thousands.

  • Homeless

    Episode 12

    How should the Church address the homeless crisis in California?

  • The Penny Suit

    Episode 13

    Whether you’re a Christian or not, the Penny Suit will make you want change.

  • Evolution and God

    Episode 14

    Is evolution a lie? Eric Hovind reveals how “Hell’s Best Kept Secret” changed his life.

  • Last Days

    Episode 15

    When will the world end? What does the Bible say about this? Is death inevitable?

  • God and Dogs

    Episode 16

    God created dogs, and Ray Comfort creates mayhem when dogs are in the studio!

  • God’s Ice Cream

    Episode 17

    What is the connection between ice cream and the everlasting Creator of life itself? The answer will melt your heart.

  • Marijuana and God

    Episode 18

    Since God created marijuana, is it ok to smoke? The answer might surprise you!

  • Christians on Campus

    Episode 19

    When a group of outspoken Christians take their biblical views onto a secular college campus, the interaction is unbelievable!

  • The Dangers of Church

    Episode 20

    Not everything at church is praiseworthy. Watch as a son’s secret is revealed and is dealt with by God Himself!

  • Lukewarm

    Episode 21

    Many people think of God as an all-loving, nice grandpa in the sky. Did you know the bible says He will actually spit people out of His mouth?