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Up Next in October, 2022

  • The Truth about Jesus; Mark 9-10

    "There are many who feel that Jesus Christ was and is a fake. They believe that He lived and died, but that was the end of Him. His so-called resurrection and everything surrounding His name, His teaching and work, was all fictional or highly embellished and therefore, the Bible is a book of myth...

  • Theological Problems; Mark 11-12

    "There is a big problem when theological questions about absolutes surface from theological leaders. When I say absolutes, I mean elements of the faith that do not and cannot change. Theology is the study of God, and God is always right even if we don't understand Him perfectly. When theological ...

  • The Last Supper; Mark 13-14

    "One of the great practices that the LORD Jesus Christ left with us is the celebration of the Last Supper. In the West, we often call it Communion, but it is the first Lord’s Supper that is covered today in our reading of Mark 14. This symbolic action of Communion was instituted by the LORD Jesus...