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How was Noah’s Ark designed?

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  • How was Noah’s Ark designed?

    How was Noah’s Ark designed? Noah’s Ark has been depicted in a wide variety of ways over the years, even among the Christian church. And this is likely because in contrast to other divinely specified constructions in the Bible, the description of the Ark in Genesis 6 is very brief. However, even...

  • Where did all of the water go?

    Where did all of the water go? The account of Noah’s Flood is not just contested by secular sources today, but by much of Christendom itself. Many champion the idea of Noah’s Flood simply being a local event rather than believing it was the worldwide deluge described in Genesis 6-9, often asking ...

  • Where is the physical evidence for No...

    Some have declared that there is absolutely no evidence of a global flood on earth, while others contend it’s all around us. How can there be such a divide on the issue, even among Bible believers? Explore these issues in this enlightening and visually rich investigation of Noah’s Ark.