The Genesis Account of Noah’s Ark

The Genesis Account of Noah’s Ark

3 Episodes

The idea of a man building a giant boat to rescue humanity has been the subject of much interest and scrutiny, and Noah and his Ark have been represented in many different ways throughout human history. The Ark is a common target for those who wish to mock a plain reading of the Bible. Even within the Christian church, many allow a modern, skeptical mind-set to impact their understanding of the biblical account, by attempting to turn its historical accounts into fables with an element of moral teaching, rather than taking it at face value.

But what did the Ark really look like? Does the Bible shed any light on the size or construction of the Ark? How would the Ark compare to the ships we have today? How could Noah round up all of the animals on the earth? Has Noah’s Ark been found? Is there any symbolism in the Ark? All of these questions, and more, will be answered as we explore the Genesis account of Noah’s Ark.

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The Genesis Account of Noah’s Ark
  • Where did all of the water go?

    Episode 3

    Where did all of the water go? The account of Noah’s Flood is not just contested by secular sources today, but by much of Christendom itself. Many champion the idea of Noah’s Flood simply being a local event rather than believing it was the worldwide deluge described in Genesis 6-9, often asking ...

  • How was Noah’s Ark designed?

    Episode 2

    How was Noah’s Ark designed? Noah’s Ark has been depicted in a wide variety of ways over the years, even among the Christian church. And this is likely because in contrast to other divinely specified constructions in the Bible, the description of the Ark in Genesis 6 is very brief. However, even...

  • Was There Really a Noah’s Ark?

    Episode 1

    Was There Really a Noah’s Ark? This account is one of the most widely known events in the history of mankind. Unfortunately, in this day and age, its often taken as a mere fairy tale. Hear sound reasoning why it can be trusted in this enlightening and visually rich exploration of Noah’s Ark.