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Unlocking Science

S2E6 Hands On: Casting Footprints

Season 2, Episode 6

Up Next in Season 2

  • S2E7 Opposites Attract: Magnetism

    Why do some things stick to magnets? Why do magnets stick to each other? What can we do with magnets? In this episode, Mr. P and his guest Dr. Danny Faulkner unlock the science of magnetism.

    Image by Hans Braxmeier on Pixabay

  • S2E8 Spicy Bacteria

    Can spices help protect us from bacteria? Mr. P and his guest, Dr. Georgia Purdom, unlock biology to see what effect cinnamon and garlic have on bacteria.

    Photo by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. This digitally colorized scanning electron microscopic image depicts fou...

  • S2E9 Hands On: Magnetic Exploration

    Mr. P and Dr. Faulkner show you a few ways to explore magnetism at home.

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