Discover biology, geology, astronomy, genetics, and more from a biblical perspective. As you explore the ice age, radiometric dating, design in creation, the origin of species, and more, you'll find that science confirms the Bible.

  • The Forensic Science Behind God’s Fingerprint Design

    Everyone knows that no two fingerprints are the same. But have you ever wondered what makes them different? Dr. Rivera, a former forensic scientist, dives into the details, highlighting the minutiae that make your fingerprints uniquely yours! Discover how to categorize your own fingerprints. Also...

  • The Genetics of Adam & Eve

    One of the biggest debates in evangelical Christianity today is whether Adam and Eve were real people. Join Dr. Georgia Purdom as she delves into the genetics behind humanity.

  • Animal Encounters Live

    1 season

    Meet the animals and their keepers at Ararat Ridge Zoo at the Ark Encounter and the Eden Animal Experience at the Creation Museum as you go behind-the-scenes.

  • Radioisotopes and the Age of the Earth

    2 items

    The principles, methods, and data from radioisotopes are explained very simply to illustrate conflicting ideas on the age of the earth. The young earth framework of the Bible interprets radioisotopes in rocks, especially Grand Canyon.

  • Unlocking Science

    4 seasons

    Explore science (and watch some things blow up!) with your new favorite science teacher,
    Mr. Roger Patterson.

  • Circular Reasoning in Dating Methods

    Join Dr. Andrew Snelling as he takes a close examination of radiocarbon, tree rings, and varves.

  • Our Created Moon

    3 items

    This video presentation discusses the various theories about where the moon came from. Dr. Donald DeYoung displays the latest discoveries of astronomy and lunar science to analyze flawed views of the moon’s origin. In this illustrated presentation he shows that the moon could only have been place...

  • Molecular Evidence for Creation

    4 items

    Can evolutionary theory explain the origin of the complex, integrated molecular systems found in living cells? Dr. David DeWitt, author of Unraveling the Origins Controversy, explains in this video why mutation and natural selection are inadequate to account for these amazing molecular machines.

  • A New History of the Human Race!

    1 season

    Startling new information about the human race—we’re all more closely related than you think!

    A one hour overview and twenty-five broadcasts reviewing Dr. Jeanson's genetic research project.

  • Does Science Support a Flat Earth?

    Many individuals, including some Christians, are falling for flat earth ideas. Does science support such an idea? Does the Bible teach a flat earth? Discover the history of science on the shape of the earth, how the flat earth movement emerged, what observational science reveals, and what the Bib...

  • All Creatures Great and Small

    3 items

    Bacteria are often used as a model organism for evolutionary biology, but there are many reasons this is not appropriate. This interesting presentation uses a creationist perspective to help us understand God’s original design and purpose for microbes and how various genetic mechanisms since the ...

  • Ocean Explorers

    1 season

    Ocean Explorers...explores the excitement, beauty and wonder God's undersea creation!

    Mr. & Mrs. Brown...have been bringing God's creation under the ocean to children and adults nationwide for over 30 years. They are experts on the ocean environment with over 40 years of experience exploring the...

  • Modern Medicine and Ancient Authority

    Is a belief in evolution necessary to be a good doctor? Some have claimed that a physician who rejects the idea of evolution will make bad clinical decisions. Is there a basis for this claim?

  • Recent Rapid Formation of Coal and Oil

    Dr. Andrew Snelling looks at evidence to confirm the recent, rapid formation of coal and oil as a result of the biblical flood.

  • Age of the Earth

    Join Dr. Andrew Snelling as he uses the Bible to discuss and refute some of the crucial components of the "millions of years" theory.

  • Global Warming


    Discover the truth about global warming and the science and politics surrounding it. Compelling graphics, on-location interviews and information you’re unlikely to hear from the secular media!

  • Science, Mathematics, and Beauty

    The precise, logical language of mathematics expresses abstract truth and is one of the most powerful evidences that reality is more than matter and energy. The power of mathematics shows that mind is not defined by matter.

  • The Designer World

    Prof. Stuart Burgess describes how the earth is intricately designed for life (Isaiah 45:18) and especially designed for all the varied needs of mankind.

  • Three Ways to Make an Ape-Man

    2 items

    Only the award-winning Dr. David Menton can take a human skeleton and a table covered with skulls, and immediately make them fun for anyone. With his trademark wit, this world-class anatomist debunks popular ape-to-man skull restorations. See "hard evidence" that confirms the truth of the Bible. ...

  • Replacing Darwin: The New Origin of Species (2019)

    Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson effectively and authoritatively documents the newest scientific discoveries, refutes Darwin's claims, and presents evidences that support a compelling alternate explanation for the origin of species.

  • Wonder of DNA

    Dr. Georgia Purdom reveals how DNA bears the stamp of being designed and created by God.

  • Flood Geology

    1 season

    This stunning series explains the possible mechanisms for the flood and the tremendous effects it had on the earth. Contains 10 programs.

  • Intelligent Design vs the Intelligent Design Movement (2020)

    What is the difference between intelligent design arguments and the “Intelligent Design Movement”? Is it biblical to use intelligent design arguments to persuade unbelievers about the existence of God? What about the Intelligent Design Movement (IDM)? Is it something that Bible-believing Christia...

  • Does Biology Make Sense Without Darwin?

    Biology makes even more sense without evolution! When we start from a biblical perspective, we can understand the world around us—no Darwin required.