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  • The Function of Flowers

    God has created an amazing variety of plants with flowers that beautify our world.

  • #CancelDarwin

    Ten brothers welcome sister; Cancel culture considers Yale and Darwin; BLM King incites destruction of white Jesus; More babies born at night, so evolutionists tell a story; Planned Parenthood picks same side in “life and death” election; London biologists pick 25 embryos, edit 18, then kill all ...

  • Flood Solves Antarctica Rainforest Mystery

    Drunk elephants and armadillos baffle scientists, US Supreme Court normalizes transgenderism, Tennessee schools required to release students in time for church, Global Flood solves Antarctica rainforest mystery, 30 alien civilizations lurking in the Milky Way? Disney fans cry "racism" at theme pa...

  • Q&A Part 2 with Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson and Ken Ham

    The final episodes to "A New History to the Human Race" series with Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson and Ken Ham.

  • Hands On: Saving a Cursed Plant

    Mr. P and our favorite carnivorous plant expert teach you how to rescue a cursed plant and help it thrive.

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  • Living Bones

    Your bones are an amazingly complex bundle of both living and dead cells.

  • Britain Rethinks Puberty Blockers

    Britain Rethinks Puberty Blockers - Answers News June 17, 2020

    Married couple celebrates 80-year anniversary, Harvard prof urges homeschoolers to be indoctrinated by public schools, Britain reverses direction on puberty blockers, scientists discover dinosaur's last meal, researchers find oldest ...

  • Lunar Phases

    Learn all about how God has created the moon to help us mark the passing of time.

  • The PhyloCode

    Bird biologist finds lost lizard; Lawyer documents sex advocacy in public schools; Evolutionists propose PhyloCode for naming creatures; Biologists intelligently design experiment to replicate imaginary past; Religious atheists celebrate expanding indoctrination; NSF funds paper returning to volc...

  • The Hidden History of the World

    What happened to the ancient Romans? The ancient Greeks? The Persians? The Egyptians? Who did the Turkish people come from? Are Turks linked to the ancient Middle East? What about the Mongols? The Vikings? Join us as we synthesize the latest DNA findings with archaeology and written history to un...

  • Hike & Seek: Bees & Blooms

    Peter visits Tulip Time in Holland, Michigan to see the amazing genetic potential God created within flowers. After leaving Windmill Island Gardens he introduces you to Debra, Jim and their amazing pollinating honey bees.

  • Hands On: Culturing Bacteria at Home

    Learn how to grow bacteria in a culture. Test whether your cleaning products kill bacteria.

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  • Multipurpose Alcohols

    People make alcohols every day to clean, brew and burn. Mr. P. and Dr. Rivera use molecular models and a woosh bottle to unlock the chemistry of these organic compounds.

  • Bacteria Abounding

    You can't see them, but bacteria are growing all around you . . . and even in you! Mr. P and his guest, Dr. Georgia Purdom, unlock microbiology to learn about tiny organisms that we all live with everyday.

    Image by Quimono on Pixabay

  • Walking on the Ceiling

    Butcher stocks meat vending machine; University astronomer bets on aliens; Salzburg bishops demand perversion; Bias blinds Viennese to miracle of the ear; Under oath Planned Parenthood sells baby parts; Sauropod trail becomes cave ceiling . . . in this broadcast of Answers News.

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  • What happened to the Neanderthals?

    Primitive, brutes, cave men—Neanderthals bring to mind a whole litany of common stereotypes. Are they true? Were Neanderthals a casualty of mankind’s inevitable march or progress? Or did they disappear for other reasons? When, exactly, did they live? What can their DNA tell us about their history...

  • IncrediWorld VBS: Humongous Creatures & Scavenger Hunt

    Buddy Davis’ introduces humongous animals plus Dr. Mister explains his science scavenger hunt. These are just a small sample of the free resources available with our IncrediWorld VBS. You can access the entire program at:

  • Hands On: A Happy Heart Rate

    Mr. P helps you understand how you can monitor your own heart rate whether at rest or at play.

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  • Fossils: Buried in the Flood

    Starting from the Biblical description of the Flood, this presentation is an overview of six easily-grasped, convincing, large-scale evidences for the Flood. Visit examples of fossils and rock layers from the Grand Canyon that can be found across the North American continent and beyond.

    Dr. Andr...

  • Unlocking Circulation

    Veins and arteries are like a highway system for your blood. Mr. P and his guest Dr. Menton unlock anatomy to see the amazing way our blood delivers nutrition and removes waste from every cell in our bodies.

    Photo by camilo jimenez on Unsplash