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  • Plus or Minus 1,200,000,000

    Wildlife Federation celebrates tiger success by demanding more government action; Fewer Americans report reading their Bibles; Rowling tries to reason with transgender advocates; Astrophysicists' measurements give different ages for the universe; Fulani Muslims burn, loot, rape and murder in yet ...

  • How Earth Got Its Climate...

    Engineers surprised at complicated nanostructures in insects; International team declares five-inch hippo bone was an ancient tool; London activist wants society to get rid of white men; Kaufman writes crosswalk signals are racist; Geologist preaches deep time dogma; Climate alarmists revise date...

  • Function of Fruits

    Learn about the amazing variety of fruits . . . even the ones you call vegetables. Mr. P and Dr. Hall-Rivera unlock the sciences of pomology and olericulture. When God created, "The earth brought forth vegetation, plants yielding seed according to their own kinds, and trees bearing fruit in which...

  • One Sinful Race

    Dr. Charles Ware and Ken Ham discuss their book "One Race One Blood," and how Christians overcome hostility.

  • Fruitless and Not Multiplying

    Cee films lightning at the Statue of Liberty; Pew publishes results of international God and morality survey; Communists enter homes of Christians to force worship of CCP; Duke graduate student concludes we are all fish; Chemists admit DNA is more complicated than commonly taught; Burton rescues ...

  • Hands On: Muscle Fatigue

    How long can you keep your muscles working without getting tired? Mr. P and his guest, Dr. Menton show you experiments you can try at home to learn more about muscles.

    Download instructions for today’s experiment at:

  • Talking Telescopes

    How are telescopes like your eyes? Mr. P and Dr. Faulkner look into the mechanics of astronomy. Learn about reflectors, refractors and mounts. We have some amazing telescopes at the Creation Museum!

    Answers in Genesis videos, live streaming, and more—all in one place....

  • Science or Sci-Fi?

    Curious koala hangs about in warehouse; Local paper publishes retired professor's story about unobserved glacial stages; Navy stops treating church worse than parties and bus rides; Atheist lawyers admit to taking same federal funds they accused churches of taking; Researchers tell tales about do...

  • Eyes That See

    Unlock anatomy with Mr. P and his guest, Dr. Menton as they look at how eyes see! Eyes catch light, focus lenses to form images, and translate those images into signals for your brain. “Your eyes have seen what the Lord did…” Deuteronomy 4:3

  • God Spoke All These Words

    Burger King can't satisfy Green Matters; Intersectional activists deny anatomy and biology; Arsonist boasts after crashing van into church building and setting fire while people were inside; Wright and Collins sing evolution into Genesis; Evolutionary botanists chart their assumptions; Massachuse...

  • Our Newest Exhibit!

    Morning dedication of our newest exhibit at the Ark Encounter.

  • Hands On: Moon Mapping

    Mr. P and Dr. Faulkner show you how to build your own inclinometer so you can unlock the science of astronomy by mapping and tracking the moon.

    Download instructions for today’s experiment at:

  • Metamorphosis: from Bug to Beauty

    How does a squirmy worm transform into a beautiful butterfly? Mr. P and his guest, Mr. Dudek, examine the life cycle of Monarch butterflies to unlock entomology and learn about bugs that change shapes.

    Photo by Suzanne D. Williams

  • Body of Evidence: Muscles

    What makes a muscle big and strong? Work out with Mr. P and his guest, Dr. Menton, as they unlock anatomy to see what our muscles are made of and how they do what God designed them to do.

  • Stranger Family

    Engineers produce geostationary satellites that map lightning; SCOTUS won't tell religious schools who to hire; Atheistic assumptions drive new Turkana Boy analysis; Co-parenting is old, not new; Parents choosing to homeschool overwhelm state bureaucracy; Atheists change opinions about Earth's ma...

  • Measuring Wrong

    Biologists study falling snakes; Evolutionists hope to classify Europan bacteria as life; PhDs examine DNA and discover dogs are dogs; Cincinnati democrats cancel Christian therapist; More polls get more headlines; Evolutionists measure milk complexity, then avoid implications by claiming 'concur...

  • Hands On: Lung Capacity

    Learn how to build a lung capacitometer to measure how much air you can hold.

    Download instructions for today’s experiment at:

  • Biblical Justice Is Personal

    Bioengineers invent way to translate ASL; Pastors seek compromise with advocates who demand absolute affirmation; Naturalists choose sides on asteroid v. volcano dogma; Ontario pastor declares he is a woman; African pastor warns ethnic gnosticism is a false religion; Atheist magazine labels peopl...

  • The Mysterious Electron

    All of us have heard about electrons but none of us have ever seen one; yet, the invisible aspects of God’s Creation help us understand something about the Creator’s "eternal power and Godhead." Even though electrons appeared in the Bible in the form of lightning, many things about electrons stil...

  • Embracing Sin As Identity

    Mad hatterpillars keep their heads; Voters want women's sports for females; Court rules states cannot exclude religious schools; Evolutionists think they think like monkeys; Professors re-examine saber-tooth marsupial teeth; Hatmakers celebrate sin-based identity; ELCA asserts anti-biblical defin...

  • Water - The Miracle Chemical

    Water is found running through the pages of Scripture from Genesis through Revelation. A dozen demonstrations will be used to help explain the unique properties necessary for life on earth that we often take for granted.

    George Matzko earned a BS in Chemistry in 1973 and his Ph.D. in Analytical ...

  • Forensic Entomology

    Can bugs witness crimes? Insects are a valuable tool in the forensic scientist's toolkit. Watch Mr. P and Dr. Hall Rivera unlock the science of entomology.

    Photo by Juan Pablo Mascanfroni

  • Hands On: Dissecting Flowers

    Mr. P and Dr. Hall Rivera unlock the science of botany with flower dissections that you can do at home.