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Living Waters 2023

She Had A Life & Death Choice To Make

Season 1, Episode 11

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  • They Were FAR from God, Then They Saw...

    With their marriage in turmoil and fearing for their lives as their town turned into pandemonium from the looting and riots, Corey and Jen thought this was the end—until one day, the Lord had a YouTube video from Living Waters come across their screen. Don't miss Corey and Jen's testimony.

  • This Muslim Didn’t Object Until the C...

    During evangelism, Ray Comfort gets into an interesting conversation with a Christian and a Muslim. Things were going relatively well, until Ray says something about Christianity that did not sit well with the Muslim.

  • 20 FASCINATING Scientific Facts in th...

    Since the Bible is God’s Word, it’s no wonder that it’s filled to the brim with fascinating scientific facts that humans often discovered hundreds, if not thousands, of years later. These 20 scientific facts from the Bible will amaze you!