Living Waters 2023

Living Waters 2023

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Assorted Living Waters videos from 2023

Get equipped to boldly share the gospel with actual footage of street evangelists challenging people from all walks of life with the life-changing gospel message.

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Living Waters 2023
  • Once This Happened, I Knew There Was Demonic Activity…

    Episode 1

    While Ray Comfort is sharing the gospel, some of the responses he receives show that there may be demonic activity involved in the evangelism encounter. What do you think?

  • Teacher Tries to Stop Students From Hearing the Gospel

    Episode 2

    While Ray Comfort is in the middle of sharing the gospel with two college-aged girls, he gets a surprising and unexpected interruption from no other than the girls’ teacher—and she wants the conversation to end immediately. Watch what happens next.

  • He Preached Lies, Then This IMMEDIATELY Happened...

    Episode 3

    Brandan Robertson, a popular online “preacher,” has boldly spoken many heresies that clearly go against the truths of God’s Word. In this shocking clip—literally—he is speaking more lies to his audience, when lightning strikes and startles him and the entire audience. Ray Comfort reacts to this c...

  • Is Ray Comfort Worth $20,000,000?

    Episode 4

    Is Ray Comfort worth millions of dollars? According to many online sources, he is. Ray addresses these sources and claims by doing something quite unorthodox: giving you a tour through his personal home and ministry headquarters.

  • The Most Bizarre Evangelism Encounter You’ll EVER See.

    Episode 5

    This evangelism encounter will make your mouth drop. It is one of the most confusing conversations Ray Comfort has ever been a part of.

  • Christian Opens Their Eyes with One VERY Provocative Question

    Episode 6

    In this video, Ray Comfort approaches people on the street to ask them a thought-provoking question about what they would do if they only had two weeks left to live.

  • Two Ladies From Hawaii Had Their Own Thoughts About God

    Episode 7

    Ray Comfort: Just Witnessing

  • Atheists Just Accused Answers in Genesis of Something BIG.

    Episode 8

    Atheists have recently accused Answers in Genesis—a wonderful, gospel-centered apologetics ministry—of a very serious crime. Ray Comfort talks about the situation more in depth, explains how the accusations are unfounded, and then uses the topic s a unique way to share the gospel with people on t...

  • They Didn’t Agree On This…

    Episode 9

    Ray Comfort: Just Witnessing

  • Christian STUMPS Jehovah’s Witness with One Question!

    Episode 10

    Christian evangelist Ray Comfort brings up the topic of Christmas with several people as a starting point to sharing the gospel with them. However, one woman says she doesn't celebrate Christmas, and further said she doesn't celebrate any holidays. Once she said this, Ray instantly knew why, and ...

  • She Had A Life & Death Choice To Make

    Episode 11

    Ray Comfort visits a local college campus to share the gospel. During a conversation with a young woman, she actually gets surprisingly honest when Ray asks her a quite personal question...

  • They Were FAR from God, Then They Saw This Video

    Episode 12

    With their marriage in turmoil and fearing for their lives as their town turned into pandemonium from the looting and riots, Corey and Jen thought this was the end—until one day, the Lord had a YouTube video from Living Waters come across their screen. Don't miss Corey and Jen's testimony.

  • This Muslim Didn’t Object Until the Christian Said This...

    Episode 13

    During evangelism, Ray Comfort gets into an interesting conversation with a Christian and a Muslim. Things were going relatively well, until Ray says something about Christianity that did not sit well with the Muslim.

  • 20 FASCINATING Scientific Facts in the Bible!

    Episode 14

    Since the Bible is God’s Word, it’s no wonder that it’s filled to the brim with fascinating scientific facts that humans often discovered hundreds, if not thousands, of years later. These 20 scientific facts from the Bible will amaze you!