Living Waters

  • BREAKING: Pope Says It's Okay to Be Gay

    While these weren't his exact words, the pope said that homosexuals are God's children and implied that God doesn't have any problem with homosexuals.

  • 5 Top Signs That the End Times Are Near

    Ray Comfort goes through the Word of God to show five signs that the end times are near. He then interviews people to show how these signs are currently present.

  • Here's What Ray Comfort's Been Up To...

    Here's something Ray's been doing during this quarantine.

  • He Didn't Care About God...but was in Tears After Hearing This

    Ray Comfort, a Christian evangelist, talks about Jesus with a young man who doesn't care much about Christianity at first. However, once Ray brings up his sin against God, it strikes his heart and he begins crying.

  • Who would Jesus vote for?

    Ray Comfort reached out to Dr. James Dobson after reading a great article on his counsel for the upcoming election. Here's Dr. Dobson's counsel on how Christians should be thinking as November 3 approaches.

  • Atheist gets publicly humbled by preacher!

    Ray Comfort, a Christian street preacher, clashes with an atheist...and the whole crowd laughs at the atheist after Ray humbles him with some little tricks!

  • Halloween: The Time to Evangelize the Lost

    Halloween is National Evangelism Day! Get great Halloween-themed tracts for your Halloween outreach.

  • He was ok until I mentioned Jesus

    Ray Comfort talks with a young steam-punker and shares the gospel with him. It all seemed normal...until Jesus was brought up.

  • He Knows the Commandments...but Doesn't Obey Them

    Ray Comfort shares the gospel with a man who knows so many of the Ten Commandments, but doesn't follow them. This video is a good reminder that many people know a lot of Bible truths and yet still aren't saved.

  • I don't believe in god with a big G

    Ray Comfort and team chalk-talk two evangelism encounters that Ray has. This is Episode 6 from our "Way of the Master: Home Edition" episodes, made from the hosts' homes during the pandemic quarantine.

  • Dr. Dobson's Advice: Christians Must Take Voting Seriously!

    Ray Comfort reached out to Dr. James Dobson after reading a great article on his counsel for the upcoming election. Here's Dr. Dobson's counsel on how Christians should be thinking as November 3 approaches.

  • The #1 reason evolution is impossible

    There is one fatal flaw in the evolutionary worldview: the second law of thermodynamics. If everything over time gets worse, and not better, evolution is completely false. Ray Comfort expounds this and then talks with college students who believe in evolution and shares the gospel with them.

  • She has her own religion

    Ray Comfort has an evangelism encounter with a young woman who has a very unique belief system.

  • How to Share Jesus During This Pandemic

    Ray Comfort and team talk.

  • Christian Ray Comfort vs_ Intelligent Atheists!

    Ray Comfort shows the top five most intelligent atheists he's evangelized to.

  • September 11th & God

    In loving memory of those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001, we are releasing this special video from a 9/11 survivor.

    Angela Braxton was on the 80th floor of one of the Twin Towers when the first plane hit. In this brief video she shares of her terrifying escape from the crumbling bui...

  • Top 5 Atheists Changing Their Minds About God's Existence!

    Watch these five atheists change their minds about God when Ray Comfort gives them obvious evidence of God's existence.

  • Agnostic Recognizes Ray Comfort___in a Bad Way

    Ray Comfort gets recognized by an agnostic at a college, but unfortunately, not in a good way. He isn't open to the gospel...but God can break through the hardest of hearts!

  • Top 5 Most Amazing Interviews with Mormons

    Ray Comfort shows the top five most amazing evangelism encounters he's had with Mormons.

  • A Very Animated Agnostic and Christian Preacher Face Off!

    Ray Comfort is down at Huntington Beach preaching the gospel when a young agnostic named Jordan steps up on the box. Watch this very energetic encounter!

  • Abby Johnson Speaks on Abortion at RNC

    Abby Johnson worked for eight years at Planned Parenthood as a clinic director but resigned in October 2009. She told her story at the 2020 Republican National Convention—where she boldly drew back the curtains to the horror of abortion.

  • Top 5 Most Moving Evangelism Interviews

    Ray Comfort shows the top five most emotional and moving evangelism interviews he's had.

  • Questioning if God wrote the Bible

    Christian evangelist Ray Comfort talks to two young men about Jesus and gets some interesting push back from both of them.

  • Strong Construction Woman Gets Moved by the Gospel

    Ray Comfort shares the gospel with a construction worker who seems to receive the Word of God well. Praise the Lord!