Living Waters

Living Waters

Get equipped to boldly share the gospel with actual footage of street evangelists challenging people from all walks of life with the life-changing gospel message.

Living Waters
  • Why was she so ABUSIVE to Ray Comfort?

    Why was she so ABUSIVE to Ray Comfort?

  • Ray Comfort Calls Him Out for Reading This...

    In today's evangelism encounter, Ray Comfort talks with Isaiah, a man who believes in some wild things that you've probably never heard of before. He even says that he thinks that the person who wrote the book he's reading is crazy!

  • Atheist Says Christians Are Dangerous. Watch Him Change!

    Ray Comfort has a delightful conversation with Dallas Wade, a very friendly and commendable atheist who listens to everything Ray has to tell him.

  • She Used to Read the Bible, Until She Learned This

    Ray Comfort talks with two kind people who have some religious beliefs, but lack genuine saving faith in Jesus. One of them used to read the Bible, but she stopped after she learned about something very difficult. Watch how Ray Comfort ministers to them in today's evangelism clip.

  • Dream Come True Christian's Friend Turns to Christ!

    Ray Comfort approaches two young men to share the gospel with them and finds out one of them is a Christian. His unsaved friend hears the gospel and responds in repentance and faith in Jesus! Ray also shares the gospel with a young woman who has a tender heart.

  • He Leaves After Ray Comfort Quotes This One Bible Verse

    During evangelism at Huntington Beach, Ray Comfort shares the gospel with a kind young woman, a very New Age man, and a quiet and interesting man supposedly named Dracula. You'll love seeing their responses to the gospel.

  • Why is one open to the gospel, but the other isn't?

    Ray Comfort shares the gospel with two people at Huntington Beach. One of them is prideful and doesn't receive a word he says, while the other is humble and receives much of what he says. You'll enjoy how these two evangelism encounters are interspersed.

  • He Knows the Bible, but Makes This Huge Mistake

    Ray Comfort shares the gospel with a very friendly couple. The young man seems to have a decent knowledge of the Scriptures, but makes an error so critical that it prevents him from going to Heaven.

  • She hopes her mom doesn’t see this witnessing encounter…

    Christian evangelist Ray Comfort shares the gospel with two girls and a man named Andre. As he continues asking questions to help them see their need of Jesus as their Savior, he asks a personal question that throws one of the girls off guard.

  • How This Catholic Hopes to Sneak into Heaven

    Ray Comfort has an evangelism encounter with a man who has a trick up his sleeve to get into Heaven "through a backdoor." Listen to what Ray says in response.

  • Do THIS and You're Messing with Demons

    Ray Comfort shares the gospel with someone who's into spiritualism. She has a tattoo that means "death" on her chest, and says she communicates with "familiar spirits"...which is another term for demons.

  • Why Seventh-Day Adventists Are Wrong about the Sabbath

    Do Christians need to keep the Sabbath on Saturday? Ray Comfort expands on this question and then shows a witnessing clip where someone believes that keeping the Sabbath on a Saturday is so important, that he's worried about Ray's salvation.

  • Ray Comfort Tells Him to Leave His Church!

    Ray Comfort talks shares the gospel with a few people. One of them is a young person who has strong beliefs that aren't found in the Scriptures...and apparently he's hearing some of those things at his church.

  • If You Could Ask God One Favor...His Was Unusual

    Ray Comfort has a compelling conversation with someone who's very passionate about his beliefs...and has an interesting favor that he would ask God.

  • Evangelism Didn't Go Well...

    Evangelism doesn't always go well. Sometimes it goes wrong. This man didn't like what Ray Comfort had to say to the point where Ray genuinely thought he was going to get hit.

  • This Is the Problem with New Age Beliefs

    Ray Comfort, Emeal (“E.Z.”) Zwayne, Mark Spence, and Eddie Roman view and discuss a witnessing clip where Ray shares the gospel with a young woman who believes in a mixture of New Age and Hinduism. This is an encounter you don't want to miss!

  • The Shocking Truth Behind Jehovah’s Witnesses: Updated

    The Jehovah's Witnesses are best known for going door-to-door. You have probably seen them in your area, and more than likely they have knocked on your door. What do they believe, and more important, how can you effectively reach them with the truth? Here's an updated version which includes excit...

  • He Gets Shocked By This Bible Verse

    During evangelism, Ray Comfort quotes a powerful verse from the Bible, a quote from Jesus, that surprises a young man and really seems to affect him.

  • Absolutely UNFORGETTABLE Witnessing Encounter

    Ray Comfort, Emeal (“E.Z.”) Zwayne, Mark Spence, and Eddie Roman watch and discuss three different open-air evangelism encounters where Ray talks with three different people. Ray wasn't able to preach from his regular spot, but God allowed a heart-touching conversation to unfold!

  • The ONE Key That Will Keep You from Sin

    Ray Comfort reveals the wonderful (but often forgotten) biblical key to overcoming sin in the life of a Christian. He then shows an evangelism clip of someone who thinks that having faith in God and doing good works is enough to go to Heaven.

  • An EASY Way to Reach Those You Love with the Gospel

    An EASY Way to Reach Those You Love with the Gospel

  • Spiritual Battle with a 3-Year-Old

    As soon as Ray Comfort began witnessing with this woman, a three-year-old begins causing lots of distractions. We wrestle not against flesh and blood!

  • Why Salvation DOESN’T Come by Asking Jesus into Your Heart

    Ray Comfort talks with an atheist and an agnostic. They bring up many different objections, but watch how Ray quickly answers them and goes straight to the gospel, which is all that ultimately matters when we're evangelizing.

  • I Hated God Because My Mom Was Murdered

    Ray Comfort talks with a sweet woman who opens up about some terrible things she experienced in her youth that made her hate God. Watch how he evangelizes to her.