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Homeschool Quick Tips

Homeschooling with Answers in Genesis Curriculum for Elementary and Junior High

Season 1, Episode 7

Up Next in 2020

  • Homeschooling Teens, Part 1

    In Part 1, Dr. Purdom and Dr. Rivera are joined by Dr. Dana Sneed to introduce the six online courses available through Answers Education Online. Learn how these fully online courses teach creation apologetics and equip your teen to stand strong in the faith, as well as the upcoming World Religio...

  • Homeschooling Teens, Part 2

    In Part 2, Dr. Purdom and Dr. Rivera are joined by Dr. Dana Sneed to talk about the One Race, One Blood curriculum. In today’s culture, teens need to be equipped with the biblical answers regarding racism and the truth of one human race made in the image of God.

  • Homeschooling Teens, Part 3

    In Part 3, Dr Purdom and Dr. Rivera highlight even more resources available for homeschooling families. They discuss the late Dr. Tommy Mitchell’s Wonders of the Human Body book series, Dr. David Menton’s Body of Evidence DVD series, the Creation Colleges list, yearly Creation College Expo, and a...