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Conclusion and Observational vs Historical Science

Genesis Apologetics Ministry

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  • Deep Time and Radiometric Dating

    Natural history museums are steeped in deep time. Everywhere you look—sometimes on each wall of a museum—the idea of millions of years and evolution combine to explain the origin of all life on Earth. Are these ages reliable, or does the Bible present a history that better fits the data?

  • Whale Evolution

    Natural history museums promote the idea that whales evolved from any number of possible mammal ancestors. This list includes bears, mesonychids, hyena-like creatures, hippo-like creatures, cat-like creatures, wolf-like creatures, deer-like creatures, and lion-like creatures. Over the years, evol...

  • Dinosaur Extinction: Noah’s Flood or ...

    Natural History Museums attribute the dinosaur extinction to the Chicxulub asteroid hitting the Yucatán peninsula of Mexico 66 million years ago. How can this single event explain the simultaneous extinction of all dinosaurs around the world, including a massive dinosaur kill zone in North Ameri...

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