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Up Next in S8: Genetics and DNA

  • The Onion Test

    A popular argument for “junk DNA” says that since onions have more non-coding DNA than humans, but are less complex than humans, onions’ DNA must be mostly useless junk. Therefore, the non-coding DNA in humans is likely junk as well. Let’s think through this argument biblically and critically.

  • Pseudogenes

    What are “pseudogenes?” Are they really useless genes leftover from evolution? Can they show that different organisms—like chimps and humans—share the same ancestor? Popular evolutionary arguments would say so, but let’s see how to think biblically and critically about such claims.

  • Genetic Similarities

    Does having similar genes mean sharing the same evolutionary ancestor? Popular evolutionary arguments state that genetic similarities (say, between chimps and humans) are prime evidence for evolution. Is that true? Let’s see how to think through any such argument biblically and critically.