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Up Next in S8: Genetics and DNA

  • The Not-So-Universal Genetic Code

    Most living things share the same genetic code. Does that mean they also share the same ancestor(s)? Textbooks often say so. However, it’s now clear that the genetic code is not universal, as evolutionists once believed, leading some evolutionists to suggest there is no “tree of life” after all. ...

  • Do Evolutionary Trees Show Evolution?

    Living things can be classified into nested categories, like mammals and vertebrates. Do these categories mean certain groups share the same evolutionary ancestors? Textbooks say so. To see whether that’s true, let’s think biblically and critically about the idea of evolutionary “family trees.”

  • How to Build an Evolutionary Tree

    Where do evolutionary “family trees” come from? What assumptions go into constructing them? And why do trees based on different assumptions often tell different stories? Find out in this episode, highlighting truths to remember when you see an evolutionary tree presented as fact in a textbook.