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Critical Thinking Check #7: Check the Logic

Season 1, Episode 11

Up Next in Season 1

  • What IS an Argument, Anyway? 

    Not all arguments are equally logical. In logic, an argument is a set premises which work together to support a conclusion. Deductive arguments try to prove a conclusion is true, while inductive arguments try to imply a conclusion is probable. Being able to recognize a sound deductive argument wi...

  • Catch Countless Fallacies with 1 Crit...

    Arguments that persuade by propaganda often use fallacies of irrelevant premises. There’s a long list of these fallacies, but one critical thinking hack can help you catch any of them. Just ask: “Is this message true or false because…” Because many people believe it? Because someone famous said s...

  • What About Hypocrisy in the Church?

    A popular objection to Christianity is that people in the church may be hypocrites. Religious hypocrisy is a sad reality, which Jesus Himself detested. But is hypocrisy a logical reason to dismiss the Christian worldview?