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Up Next in Season 5

  • S5E2 Beavers- Designed to Live a Doub...

     The amazing north American beaver is an iconic symbol for Canada, and a true engineering masterpiece that glorifies its Creator through its design and abilities.

  • S5E3 The fossil horse series

     An iconic evolutionary proof and literal ‘prize horse’ in the naturalist’s stable of naturalistic evidences shown in text books for years- the horse evolution series has been thrown out by top level evolutionists as misleading.

  • S5E4 Are Humans ‘Walking Museums’ ful...

    Discovery Channel once stated that “…the human body has something akin to its own junk drawer,” and that this junk drawer “is full of vestigial organs, or souvenirs of our evolutionary past”. Where did they get that silly idea, and why do some people still believe it?

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