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Genesis 1 What Means This Text

Contending for Creation Webinar

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  • God’s Designer World

    The talk explains how the earth contains all the materials necessary for man to carry out every type of human activity, including building, farming, technology, and even sports and leisure. Examples of amazing design that will be described include grass, wood, milk, honey, dogs, horses, and the c...

  • How to Recognise a Flood Deposit

    In this talk, Joseph uses research from around the globe to show you how to recognise rocks and fossils that have been laid down by a flood - and how to relate them back to the Biblical flood of Noah's day.

  • Dinosaurs and the Bible

    Museums, media, and schools all proclaim that dinosaurs died millions of years ago. But what is the truth? Only when we start with the Bible can we understand the true history of dinosaurs.