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Up Next in September, 2021

  • The Fall of Israel; Zechariah 9-11

    The prophet begins to speak to Israel about the future. The next few chapters of Zechariah are a fascinating display of what God will do. Some of it has already happened, while other sections remain to be fulfilled. Zechariah, the person, was a contemporary of Haggai and is mentioned in Nehemiah ...

  • The Day of the LORD!; Zechariah 12-14

    Not all Biblical prophecy has been fulfilled; there are several significant times still predicted. God does not lie; His Word can be checked historically, and so we can have confidence that these prophecies will come to pass. The Day of the LORD is one such future event during which God will reve...

  • How Do We Pray?; Matthew 4-6

    Prayer is talking to God. Very often, the concept of prayer gets over complicated, involves ritual, pagan gods, and many unbiblical practices. It is interesting then, that Jesus Christ’s response to His disciples’ question about prayer was recorded in the Bible. Matthew, chapter 6, begins with Je...