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Up Next in February, 2021

  • The Value of a Soul; Leviticus 25-27

    Do we read the Bible to discover its true intended meaning, or are we satisfied with what it sounds like to us? We have all experienced the frustration of being misunderstood. The Bible can also be misunderstood, so we must really strive to get to the heart of a Biblical passage rather than assum...

  • Establishing the Levites; Numbers 1-3

    When we look at how God established the priests of Israel, it’s helpful to remember that this would have been new and unusual. The Israelites had come out of the culture of Egypt, and while some elements of true worship of God may have mirrored practices they had seen and participated in, their c...

  • Complaining; Numbers 10-13

    Complaining! Why is this the one thing that humans seem to do best? We are people who are born and raised in sin, so it makes sense that we do evil things best. The only way to escape the cycle of sin is to come to Jesus and give Him our lives. What we say, matters. When we talk about people behi...