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Up Next in October, 2021

  • Sin; Acts 1-3

    Every day was the same for the man born lame from birth. All his life he was not able to move like others, he had no ability to walk or to do work. Each day he was carried and laid at the Temple gate called Beautiful. Here, the man would beg for money. But one particular day, things were going to...

  • In the Name of Jesus; Acts 4-5

    Jesus Christ is perhaps the most well-known name in all of history. Sadly, though, it seems that more and more people in the west only recognize the name of Jesus Christ as a swear word. The question is why? Why do people use the name of Jesus Christ as a curse? There are others who know the powe...

  • The Church Expands; Acts 6-8

    The Church of the LORD Jesus Christ began to expand with remarkable numbers of people. Amazingly, this occurred despite the persecution they were receiving. God has a way of advancing His Kingdom despite human opposition and sometimes even through human opposition. This is an interesting fact tha...