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  • The Fall of Israel; 2 Kings 17-19

    One of the greatest kings of ancient Jerusalem was a man named Hezekiah. He was king of Judah after his father Ahaz. Ahaz completely rebelled against the ways of God, and the Word of God, and the Law of God. To me, that makes it all the more amazing that when Hezekiah took over the kingdom, he co...

  • Names; 1 Chronicles 1-5

    "The book of 1 Chronicles begins with a genealogy that show the origins of the nation of Israel. It is interesting that the genealogy starts not with the patriarchs of Israel, but with the first man ever created, Adam. This emphasizes the family aspect first of humanity, and then of Israel, more ...

  • Head of the House; 1 Chronicles 6-9

    Our concept of authority can be very messed up, thanks to sin. However, let us be clear in our Christian belief that Jesus Christ is the head of our households. There is no person, male or female, who has the ability to successfully be the head of the household. We must yield ultimate authority t...