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Up Next in March 2024

  • The Nazirite Vow; Judges 14-17

    "The Nazirite vow was an important vow made to the God of heaven and earth. This is important to remember when we consider that Samson, born from his mother’s womb as a Nazirite, and the fact that his strength came from never cutting the hair on his head. The book of Judges tells us that Samson a...

  • The Tribe of Dan; Judges 18-21

    "Judges chapter 18 continues to reveal just how deep Israel had fallen into sin and evil. They knew who God was, they knew some of His laws, but they applied them however they wanted. Even the tribe of the Levites who had been charged with maintaining proper worship of God had become wayward, ser...

  • God's Place; 1 Samuel 5-8

    "The Philistines were known enemies of Israel. They likely originated from Greece and made their temporary home in Canaan. For reference, we call that area the Gaza strip today. In ancient times however, Israel was called to rid the nation of those invaders under the leadership of Samuel, the las...