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Up Next in September 2023

  • God's Mercy; Jonah 1-4

    "There are whole countries, and whole movements that not only want to see the physical country of Israel wiped from the map but would be happy if Israelis and even Jews were gone too. When we look at history, there have always been nations that have hated Israel. There is also no doubt that God h...

  • Jerusalem & Samaria; Micah 1-4

    "Micah prophesied to Israel and Judah at the same time that the prophet Isaiah was ministering. The prophets routinely called out the sins of the people and their cultural failings. During King Hezekiah’s reign in Judah, Micah and Isaiah would have seen part of God’s message come true in the fall...

  • The Embracer; Habakkuk 1-3

    "Habakkuk, whose name is thought to mean “to embrace”, deals with the problem of understanding the ways of God, and critically questions Him on behalf of the people. He was upset that so much evil was seen all around him. The book begins with us hearing Habakkuk cry out to God in prayer, ""O LORD...