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  • God's Judgement;1 Kings 14-17

    "The aftermath of Solomon’s life was not good for Israel. The nation split in two after his death. The majority of the nation, ten tribes of Israel, chose to follow Solomon’s enemy, Jeroboam, as the new king of Israel. In a terrible twist, Jeroboam was also entwined in idol worship, except, rathe...

  • God's Secret Servants;1 Kings 18-20

    "There are Christians who work every day in environments that are hostile toward God. I like to call those Christians: God's Secret Servants! There is a great example of this in 1 Kings 18. Obadiah was in charge of King Ahab’s household. Ahab was famously dismissive of God, and he was an enemy of...

  • Bad Politics;1 Kings 21-22

    "1 Kings 21 shows us the depths that Northern Israel had fallen to. Unlike their sister nation of Judah, Northern Israel did not remain loyal to one dynasty or family of kings, they experienced a lot of war and usurper kings. With the stories that we’re told of Israel’s inner workings, it’s reall...