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Up Next in September, 2022

  • The Future; Micah 1-4

    "Nothing quite captures the imagination like trying to envision time travel. I personally can’t think of it without my mind wandering to the Back to the Future movie series! Of course, we can speculate about time travel all we want and not be sure, since we do not have the ability to manipulate t...

  • The Truth of God; Micah 5-7

    "As we seek truth, we discover that there are many versions of it. But is there a truth that is objective? Is there something that is always true, no matter what anyone thinks about it? The answer to that question is YES! Even if we don’t accept that truth is objective, it remains true. We can’t ...

  • We Are Responsible; Zephaniah 1-3

    "Zephaniah’s genealogy listed in 1:1, suggests he was of royal lineage – four generations back to Hezekiah. Zephaniah prophesied sometime between 640 and 612 BC, the time when King Josiah reigned in Jerusalem. The book begins with a condemnation because of the corruption of the people and systems...