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Up Next in September, 2022

  • Faith, Hope, and Love; Obadiah

    "Obadiah is the shortest book in the Old Testament of the Bible, yet it carries a very strong message. God’s words to the prophets do not have to be long to convey their weight. The nation of Edom or the Edomites, were descendants of Esau, Jacob’s twin brother. Details are given in Genesis 25 thr...

  • God’s Grace & Mercy; Jonah 1-4

    "It is a difficult thing to describe the nature and actions of God, and it is very easy to misunderstand them. Some people have this problem understanding the passage of Scripture in Jonah 3 where some translations say that God changed His mind and did not destroy Nineveh. If God knows all, how c...

  • The Future; Micah 1-4

    "Nothing quite captures the imagination like trying to envision time travel. I personally can’t think of it without my mind wandering to the Back to the Future movie series! Of course, we can speculate about time travel all we want and not be sure, since we do not have the ability to manipulate t...