Bible Discovery TV - The Daily Show (2022)

Bible Discovery TV - The Daily Show (2022)

12 Seasons

New episodes five days each week, Bible Discovery TV - The Daily Show is designed to guide you through the Bible in one year.

We are a family-run international ministry with television, print and online programs designed to guide you through the Bible in one year.

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Bible Discovery TV - The Daily Show (2022)
  • The Church’s Mandate; Acts 14-15

    Episode 1

    "Many don't consider what the Bible says when they go to church. People interact with each other as friends and consider that fellowship. But fellowship has more to do with spiritual knowledge and experience than most realize. When we have friends, we talk to them about relatable or fun things, b...

  • Spreading the Good News; Acts 16-17

    Episode 2

    "I find it interesting how news reports have changed so much in the past 50 years. Today, unbiased news is becoming increasingly hard to find. Everyone is biased and likes to talk about, and even celebrate what they believe with anyone who gives them attention. So it depends on what you want to h...

  • News of Christ; Acts 18-20

    Episode 3

    "Wherever Paul travelled, the city he entered was shaken up by the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the Church was strengthened because of it. This happened despite the opposition and persecution. Some saw Paul as a troublemaker because the communities he entered were supposedly doing fin...

  • The Law Continues; Acts 21-23

    Episode 4

    "The law of God, as we read it in Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy, is so very important to the Jewish faith that it rules how they conduct themselves and defines their existence and resurrection. The law of God is very important to the Christian faith, as well. But how we are saved fr...

  • About False Religion; Romans 1-2

    Episode 5

    "When I speak to people about my faith in Jesus Christ, they most often think I’m talking about a set of rules to follow. But when I talk about my faith, I’m talking about a living and active relationship with Jesus Christ. We need to be clear about who we are speaking of when we talk about God. ...

  • God Is Not Fair; Romans 3-4

    Episode 6

    "God is not fair! If we make that claim we are often looked at as people who hate the work of the LORD. But what does it mean? Think about it. If God were fair to you and me, according to His law and standards, what would we deserve? Would we be worthy to have the things we do, to gain the life o...

  • Two Men; Romans 5-7

    Episode 7

    "There are many who do not understand the Word of God when it speaks about the beginning of time. If it had a beginning it will have an end. There is something wrong in our time. It is in sin. Sin is rebellion against what God has told us. He spoke about how to keep us from losing His protection ...

  • The Glorious Future; Romans 8-10

    Episode 8

    "For every believer in God’s Son, Jesus Christ, who follows Him as the LORD of their life – their future is bright and wonderful! For those who reject the provision of God, the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ, their future is deep, dark, and horrible. The truth about the hope for believers...

  • Living for the LORD; Romans 11-12

    Episode 9

    "As followers of Jesus Christ, we often say things to each other that only we understand as Christians, but these statements may not make sense to those who are not. A good example of this is when we say that ‘we live for the LORD’. What do we mean by that? Explaining our lifestyle or hope in God...

  • Divisions in the Church; 1 Corinthians 1-3

    Episode 10

    "Jesus Christ first introduces the Church in Matthew 16:18, saying the Ekklesia or Church would be built, and the gates of hell would not come against it. God planned on the Church being a strong spiritual army rising against the strongholds of hell. The power of Christ is the preeminent strength...

  • Discipline of the LORD; 1 Corinthians 4-6

    Episode 11

    "Too often we think we have the answers to our problems when we really don't. No one has the answer to the problem of sin in the world except Jesus Christ. Paul talks with the church at Corinth and confronts them about their arrogance. His words are hard and direct. This complex yet essential pas...

  • A Meaningful Marriage; 1 Corinthians 7-9

    "The ancient city of Corinth was a known for its moral decadence. Paul had started a church of the LORD Jesus Christ there and found that much of the culture had made its way into the church causing a great rift among believers. Paul speaks to the church at Corinth about the principles of marriag...

  • Concern for Others; 1 Corinthians 10-12

    Episode 13

    "Paul writes to the people of Corinth as he would to his own sons and daughters. It is very personal. Still today, we should read the First Book of Corinthians the way Paul wrote it because the Holy Spirit ordained and preserved it for us to understand. Many people fight for their rights and free...

  • Paul Gives Instruction; 1 Corinthians 13-16

    Episode 14

    "Although Paul was a Jew trained in the law, he understood that the church in Corinth was largely made up of Gentile believers. Interestingly, unlike how he was raised, Paul wrote to them as family members. He gives them instructions on giving as well as his travels plans, as he desired to see th...

  • Confidence in Christ; 2 Corinthians 7-9

    Episode 15

    "What does it mean to have confidence in Christ? After all, we are talking about a person we have never met in the flesh, someone who is also God, died on a cross and rose from the dead, someone whose spirit and body was eternally glorified and ascended into heaven. When we are born again, God be...

  • Closing Words; 2 Corinthians 10-13

    Episode 16

    "Paul closes his words to the Corinthians in a unique way. He gives them assignments
    of the heart. Paul directs every believer to test to see if they are in the faith, to examine
    oneself, recognizing that as a believer we need to have regular times of self-examination.
    In life we tend to believe ...

  • Difficulty in Leadership; Galatians 1-2

    Episode 17

    "Paul writes to the churches in Galatia about his trouble in the leadership of Jerusalem. It
    is here that we learn about a confrontation Paul has with Peter, mentioned nowhere else
    in the New Testament. Paul writes to the Galatians because their relationship with Jesus
    Christ deviated to a rigid ...

  • Paul Speaks Truth; Galatians 5-6

    "There are many times in the New Testament when the churches fall out of favour with God
    and delve into lies. Paul often challenges believers and confronts those who have fallen away
    from the faith with direct truth. That is what we see happening as we study Galatians 5. We
    hear Paul speak the tr...

  • Christ is the Way; Galatians 3-4

    Episode 18

    "Paul continues his conversation with the Galatians. He is very honest and comes across
    very perturbed, angry even. Paul was a very passionate man. Emotion was never absent
    from Paul’s letters when he would explain the way Jesus Christ gave His life to save the
    human race. In Galatians 3, Paul cl...

  • Preparing Yourself; Ephesians 5-6

    Episode 20

    "When someone enlists in the military and prepares for battle, he does not think about living in luxury or setting up to enjoy himself. How many soldiers enjoy fighting in battles? We often forget that believers are in a battle every single day. The battles we face today seem even more real than ...

  • Paul’s Personal Letter; Philippians 1-2

    Episode 21

    "The first church Paul ever founded in Macedonia was in the city of Philippi. Religiously, Paul had much work to do there since Philippi was a typical first-century city that worshipped many gods. Initially, the Philippian church had some difficulties that Paul had to confront and correct, but he...

  • To Have or Not to Have; Philippians 3-4

    Episode 22

    "What does it mean to be content? In today’s world, most people would comment that we need to have as much as we want. But there is a difference between having what we need and having what we want. If you think about it, our real needs are clothing, food, water, medication, and a place to live. O...

  • November, 2022 Bible Discovery Guide: Acts - Philippians

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