Behind the Scenes with Ken Ham

Behind the Scenes with Ken Ham

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Join Ken Ham, CEO and founder of Answers in Genesis, as he goes behind-the-scenes of Answers in Genesis, the Ark Encounter, and the Creation Museum.

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Behind the Scenes with Ken Ham
  • Pizza Dough in a Bag

    We're visiting a local bakery again (that supplies goods to the Ark) for my second lesson on becoming a junior baker. Two kids teach me how to do this.

  • Inside Look at Hydroponics and Greenhouses

    Inside look at hydroponics and greenhouses at the Ark and Creation Museum’s horticulture center.

  • How are topiaries made?

    Buddy Davis shows how he is making new unique topiaries for the Ark Encounter attraction.

  • Exciting Turnouts in Latin American Countries

    Exciting turnouts in Latin American countries. Learn how Answers in Genesis is helping to equip people to defend God’s Word and the Gospel in Spanish speaking communities.

  • Tools for Parents

    Ken and Dale announce a special offer designed to help you pass a godly legacy to your children. Get Ken's new book along with our 10 Minute Bible Journey family devotions as part of our Will They Stand Parenting Action Pack.

  • 2020 ChristmasTime Lights at the Ark Encounter

    Ken and Mally Ham walkabout the Ark Encounter grounds to give you a taste of what visitors experience during our ChristmasTime event.

  • Ken Ham and Patricia Engler Interview

    Join Ken Ham and Patricia Engler as they discuss Patricia’s ministry providing invaluable “real world” training to Christian youth and young adults in how to keep a strong faith as they navigate secular education, as well as her personal testimony which is sure to inspire, equip, and encourage be...

  • S1E2 G.R.E.A.T. Q&A with Ken Ham and Calvin Smith of Answer in Genesis Canada

    Ken Ham answers questions following his talk titled "Canada: Why the Catastrophic Spiritual and Moral Change?" shown in a number of churches on Sunday, June 28.

  • Secret Ark Room and More

    Special behind the scenes tour with Ken Ham at the Ark Encounter.

  • Stargazer Planetarium

    Be some of the first in the world to see our planetarium upgrade as our VP of AV, Ben Wilt, and I walk you through it.

  • Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Exhibit

    Catch a sneak peek of the Sanctity of Life exhibit for Creation Museum. See our sculptor’s incredible models of a child developing in the womb.

  • New Relevance of Genesis Exhibit

    Join us as we go where no one gets to go. See hidden treasures in the new Relevance of Genesis exhibit at the Creation Museum.

  • Bread in a Bag!

    I’m visiting a local bakery that supplies goods for the restaurant at the Ark, and two kids teach me how to make bread in a bag. This will be my first lesson on becoming a junior baker!

  • Answer in Genesis Offices

    See the inner workings of AiG, and go behind the scenes where most of the office staff work.

  • Archeology Confirms the Bible

    Fascinating archeological finds that address biblical accounts and events.

  • Special Effects 4D Theater

    How does 4D work? Fascinating facts on how our 4D theater works at the Creation Museum.

  • Making Donut Holes

    Four different types of donut holes are included on the dessert bar at Emzara’s

  • Making Donuts

    Making donuts. Christians can have fun baking too!

  • Bickies or Cookies?

    Bickies or cookies? See what we are making today at Beans’ Bakery. (Please don’t laugh at my hair net.)

  • Biblical Authority Exhibit

    Meet an artist who will give fascinating background insights to the new Biblical Authority exhibit at the Creation Museum.

  • Doors, Evangelism, and Coffee Beans: Behind-the-scenes Ark Tour

    Doors, evangelism, and coffee beans. A fascinating behind-the-scenes tour at the Ark Encounter. See if you know the doors of the Bible!

  • Secrets of Movie Making

    Secrets of movie making. See the sets, hear about the props, and how the cinematography was accomplished for our video portraits in the Biblical Authority room at the Creation Museum.

  • Cricket or baseball?

    Cricket or baseball? Having fun with Bodie, Ken, and his grandson as they teach you pointers on baseball.

  • Memorizing Scripture

    Memorizing scripture with Bodie Hodge, Ken Ham, and his granddaughter.