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10/14 Tyrants Oppose Christian Parents

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Answers News

10/07 The Bible Gives Man Dignity

Season 8, Episode 1 • 34m

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  • 10/14 Tyrants Oppose Christian Parents

    New species repopulate; Father takes stand on panic; Authors prepare to deceive children; China intensifies religious persecution; Scientists quibble over math; Researchers discover that humans are different; Smelly rock lands at museum; Richard Dawkins supports religion . . . and more during tod...

  • 10/21 Did a Smelly Rock Bring Life to...

    Kipchoge runs fastest marathon; Professor declares Spongebob evil; Researchers tell hobbit stories about monkey bones; Smelly rock lands at museum; Dawkins supports religion; Scientists use gene therapy to cure cervical cancer in mice; Divorced mother insists ex-husband is "unstable" for opposing...

  • 10/28 The Right to be Wrong

    Big mouth birds; Churches abandon the Creator; Jury authorizes child abuse; Textbook is wrong; US Christianity declines; World Christianity rises; News website leaves out Good News; Researchers deny the evidence . . . and more during today's episode of Answers News, broadcast live from the Creati...