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6/20 God’s Handiwork: Complex Fungi

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6/17 Thrown Into the Sea

Season 6, Episode 22 • 34m

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  • 6/20 God’s Handiwork: Complex Fungi

    Woods road-trip will break record; CBC indoctrinates children; Plants trade resources with fungi; Researcher publish just-so stories about broken rocks and ancient man; PTA president performs in drag at primary school; Evolutionists change cell origin story again . . . . and more during today's e...

  • 6/24 Destroying Beauty

    Scientist mistakes dog breeding for evolution; Writer uses Noah's Ark headline to market sea urchin research; Medical business recommends cheap abortion instead of expensive spinal surgery; Candidate wants to keep pro-life people out of government; Professor Trapp proposes "relatively simple" way...

  • 6/27 Opposites Attract?!?

    Corsican cat-fox is a cat; Pakistani politician is not a cat; Dead woman kills dog; Authors insist male/female attraction is dehumanizing; Science editor thinks smartphone users look down more than book readers; Drag queen teaches church kids; Bacteria more complicated than evolutionists expected...