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5/09 Bat-Wing Dinosaur

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Answers News

5/06 Amazing Anemones

Season 6, Episode 11 • 33m

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  • 5/09 Bat-Wing Dinosaur

    Ambopteryx fossil changes story about evolution of flight; Colorful stick bugs found in Madagascar; Man breaks women's weightlifting records; Adults identify as mermaids; Chemical & biomolecular engineers develop fabric inspired by cephalopod skin; Taste cells respond to odor molecules; Arizo...

  • 5/13 Fast Horses & Evolution

    Alien abduction insurance; Euthanasia increasing in Canada; Evolutionists want to impact clinical microbiology; Times Square keeps ultrasound off the biggest screens; Aborting baby girls; Mistaking breeding for evolution. . . and more during today's episode of Answers News, broadcast live from th...

  • 5/16 Baby=Human=Person

    Robertson denies 6,000 year old universe; Nye says killer asteroid is coming; Aussie bureaucrats find Mother's Day offensive; Meteorite used to tell stardust stories; Supreme Court case over men’s clothing; Quinn insists babies in utero are not human . . . and more during today's episode of Answe...