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3/18 Tyrannosaurus Makeoverus

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3/14 To Please Angry “gods”

Season 5, Episode 17 • 33m

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  • 3/18 Tyrannosaurus Makeoverus

    Parrots raid opium farms; Captive chickenosaurs kill fox; Evolutionists tell asteroid and dinosaur stories to secure climate change research money; Museum adds feathers to tyrannosaur exhibit; Evolutionary psychologists justify adultery; Transgender pioneer recants; Oral cultures remember real ev...

  • 3/21 Killer Cousins

    Photographer adds movie quote to make koala go viral; Policeman rescues teddy bear; Whale experts confirm fishermen's reports; Mums Make Porn on Britain’s Channel 4; Trump's military recognizes male and female; Seattle church resists abortion law; Scientists inject mammoth nuclei into mouse egg c...

  • 3/25 Fading Heritage

    Texas man takes steer Into Petco; NJ man returns library book 53 years late; Old churches crumble in Canada; Girl Scouts advocate abortion; Activists persuade judge to outlaw church doctrine; Politicians choose cats over kids; Behaviorists try to solve altruism puzzle by flipping evolution . . . ...