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8/12 Granting Favors

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8/10 Kettle Insists Pot Is Filthy

Season 11, Episode 12

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  • 8/12 Granting Favors

    Girl breaks periodic record; Woman honors her abortion daily; Illinois Democrats demand rewrite of history classes; NBA player stands alone for the gospel; DC Mayor uses tax dollars to paint political messages onto streets, then arrests protesters writing in chalk; British police drag father awa...

  • 8/17 Their Parents Might Hear Us

    Osteen sells cubes; Teachers worry parents will overhear; Urban school districts add 1619 propaganda this fall; Paleontologists speculate about giant crocodile bones; Biologists sequence tuatara genome and try to place it on evolutionary tree; Educators insist western white math is racist; Smith...

  • 8/19 Everything Came First

    MacArthur welcomes protesters; NASA concedes to identity politics; Evolutionists solve a paradox with a miracle; DA pledges not to prosecute churches in his county; Satanists claim abortion as their religious right; Atheists overcome odds by returning to spontaneous generation; CNN says x-rays su...