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8/03 Plus or Minus 1,200,000,000

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7/29 How Earth Got Its Climate...

Season 11, Episode 9

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  • 8/03 Plus or Minus 1,200,000,000

    Wildlife Federation celebrates tiger success by demanding more government action; Fewer Americans report reading their Bibles; Rowling tries to reason with transgender advocates; Astrophysicists' measurements give different ages for the universe; Fulani Muslims burn, loot, rape and murder in yet ...

  • 8/05 Scientist or Activist?

    Slovenian biologists gather data from spider webs; Appeals court agrees with religious liberty for adoption agencies; Polish croc fossil forces evolutionists to change tale about tracks; Nature retracts paper about dinosaur birds; Another evolutionary deep-time story features squishy words; South...

  • 8/10 Kettle Insists Pot Is Filthy

    Beetles escape frogs the hard way; Trans activists target evolutionary biologist; Museum bows to identity politics; Dinosaur with cancer buried in a flood; Geologists create computer models to bolster faith in water on Mars; NFL encourages players to join protests but will cut pay if players get ...

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