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9/23 Good News in Iran

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9/21 Life on Venus! Well...

Season 11, Episode 23

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  • 9/23 Good News in Iran

    Bandit monkey leaves selfie evidence; Countries show different trends on abortion; Scientific American reveals their bias is political too; Paleontologists admit dinosaurs were rapidly entombed while alive; Mount Holyoke College trades women for gender diversity; Jesus grows his church in Persia ...

  • 9/28 BLM vs Family

    Shabby experiments win ignoble prizes; Pelosi declares Mother Earth is angry; Educators challenge nuclear family, ignore multi-generational extended family; Environmentalists claim lawn care is evil; Natural History Museum curators cave to intersectional outrage; Reindeer hunters in Siberia unear...

  • 9/30 Brain Fog

    Woman wakes to snake biting her face; After five years, researchers explain comet's invisible glow in satellite photos; Wisconsin astronomers announce a gas giant around a white dwarf; Stargazers speculate x-ray fluctuations may be extragalactic planet; Evolutionary biologist tells story about sl...