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9/21 Life on Venus! Well...

Answers News

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  • 12/21 Conform to the World

    Nevada woman takes her pet camel shopping; Creator of VeggieTales gets things wrong about the Creator of the Universe; Jason Lisle corrects Phil Vischer's history; Pro-abortion, pro-sodomy governor helps Virginia Christians to define worship; LGBTQIA+ activists praise North Carolina governor for ...

  • 9/20 Hurricane Florence

    Climate change made hurricane Florence worse, early humans started getting fat 12.5 million years ago, humans may not need 20% of their genes, and more in this week's episode of Answers News hosted at the Creation Museum in front of a live audience.

  • 3/22 Do Tolerant People Purge Dissent?

    Literature teacher returns book to library 63 years overdue; Evolutionists use different teeth to repeat their dogma; California teachers propose ethnic chanting to Aztec gods; Intolerants demand American Medical Association sacrifice a doctor to their outrage; Epigeneticists use semantics to byp...