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  • The Ever-Loving Truth: Voddie Baucham

    Voddie Baucham wrote a book called "The Ever-Loving Truth" and he brought his message to the Ark Encounter. It's a time for Christians to take a stand for the truth. Voddie addresses the cost of being a twenty-first-century Christian and provides insight on how to apply the unchanging truth of G...

  • Uncensored Science: Bill Nye Debates Ken Ham

    Movie + 1 extra

    Leading creation apologist and bestselling Christian author Ken Ham was joined at the Creation Museum by popular TV personality and Evolution apologist Bill Nye. Ham, a former science instructor who emigrated to the USA from Australia over 25-years ago, was joined by the popular children’s progra...

  • Fire In My Bones (2018)

    Movie + 3 extras

    Be inspired by the life testimony of Ken Ham. In this presentation, he moves from his upbringing in Australia to the present ministry of AiG, the Creation Museum, and the Ark Encounter.

  • Erosion of Christian America - State of the Nation 2 with Ken Ham '10

    Social issues such as abortion, “gay” marriage, origins, and the role of religion in society are becoming increasingly contentious. Ken Ham encourages Christians to know what the Bible says on these matters, and helps them understand how to defend the biblical viewpoint in an increasingly hostile...

  • Corrie ten Boom: A Tramp for the Lord

    “Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.” This powerful reenactment of the amazing account of God’s plan for Corrie’s life is performed by one of AiG’s faithful volunteers, Vickie. A behind the scenes look at one of the many talents our volunteers use for this ministry.

  • Nye/Ham: The Second Debate

    Movie + 1 extra

    The uncut two-hour “walking debate” as Bill Nye “the Science Guy” tours the full-size Ark Encounter with Ken Ham.

  • The Great Delusion

    Filled with alarming video segments, this presentation illustrates clear biblical warnings. Discover why Ken Ham believes that America is now under judgment—the wrath of God described in Romans 1. God is judging America for its rebellion and wickedness. But the good news is we can do something!

  • The Great Debate on Science and the Bible

    1 season

    Ken Ham and Jason Lisle vs. Hugh Ross and Walt Kaiser. Compelling! This debate series is a wake-up call regarding biblical compromise.

  • One-of-a-Kind Homeschool Event at the Ark

    Join Ken Ham, Zan Tyler, Heidi St. John, Michael Farris, and Israel Wayne at the Ark Encounter in May 2022 at this unique homeschool event: "Building Strong Foundations: A Family Homeschool Experience"

    Tour the life-size Ark Encounter with exclusive after-hours access, meet the animals in Arara...

  • Adventures with Buddy Davis

    4 items

    Were dragons real? Why does it matter what you believe about dinosaurs? From dragons to dinosaurs and the big T-Rex, join Buddy Davis on his adventure to separate fact from fiction.

  • Ken Ham's Family Sharing Secret Aussie Recipes

    1 season

    Ken's wife and daughters share some of their secret Aussie recipes in this two-part cooking show. Learning and fun for the whole family!

  • Godless in America - State of the Nation with Ken Ham '09

    America has more Christian resources and Bible colleges than ever in its history, yet the nation is on a spiritual downward spiral. What has happened? Why is the church not reaching the culture? Get the full report—discover the real reasons behind the collapse of Christianity in the Western world!

  • Should We Lose Sleep Over the Coronavirus?

    Should we lose sleep over the coronavirus? Watch this encouraging devotional from Ken Ham and decide for yourself. He explores Acts 12:1–19, the account of Peter’s miraculous escape from prison, and makes a surprising application to the troubles of our day.

  • Dedication: New Fearfully & Wonderfully Made Exhibit from Creation Museum (2020)

    This new exhibit will challenge the culture regarding the abortion issue with the truth from God’s Word that we’re created fearfully and wonderfully in God’s image. It will show that life begins at fertilization as each individual begins with a unique combination of DNA from mother and father—tha...

  • How Did All the Animals Fit on the Ark?

    So many animal species exist in the world could Noah have possibly fit them all on his Ark? Does the Bible provide answers? Yes! In this lecture, we will discuss the biblical history of the animals on Noah's Ark. How did they all fit? How did Noah's family care for them? Why didn't th...

  • Celebration of Life - Patrick Marsh

    The creative genius behind the incredible buildings and exhibits enjoyed by millions at the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter, Patrick Marsh, passed away December 2, 2021, at age 77. A world-renowned art director, Patrick’s previous designs included the popular Jaws and King Kong attractions at U...

  •—an Exciting New AiG Project

    Ken Ham gives a special announcement about an exciting new AIG project for the whole family we are launching.

  • The First ChristmasTown

    1 season

    Your family’s understanding of the true meaning of Christmas will increase greatly through this one-of-a-kind production! Recorded at the Creation Museum’s annual “living nativity” outreach.

  • S1E47 Encounter the Wonder (2019)

    Prepare to be captivated as a world-class animated program delivers a powerful message of hope for all.

  • What About Aliens and UFOs?

    In this presentation, Dr. Faulkner gives a biblical response to questions of whether the earth has been visited by spacecraft piloted by extraterrestrials.

    Dr. Danny R. Faulkner earned graduate degrees in physics and astronomy and is distinguished professor emeritus at the University of South Ca...

  • Christmas with Ken & Buddy


    Laugh, sing-along, and learn with Ken Ham & Buddy Davis as they present a fun Christmas variety show, shot live before hundreds of guests at the Creation Museum’s annual Christmas outreach.

  • Encounter The Wonder (2017)

    Watch the Ark Encounter’s unique gospel presentation in your own home with this one-of-a-kind short film. Originally shown on the side of the ark at the Ark Encounter via multiple high-intensity video projectors, the film is now featured on the 70-ft.-wide LED screen in the Answers Center. See ho...

  • Kinds & Speciation

    Where did all the animals come from? Do "kind" and "species" mean the same thing?

    In this presentation Dr. Georgia Purdom examines how biologists define their terms, and what biology can tell us about rapid formation of species.

  • Astronomy with Dr. Faulkner

    7 items

    Dr. Danny Faulkner holds an MS in Physics from Clemson University and an MA and PhD in Astronomy from Indiana University and taught at the University of South Carolina Lancaster for over 26 years. He serves as editor of the Creation Research Society Quarterly and has published over 100 papers in ...