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S2E4 Image Bearers

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  • S2E4 Image Bearers

    Trevor and Avery paint masterpieces before exploring God's creation and meeting lemurs, kunekune pigs, and a mealy amazon parrot. Along the way, they discover what makes humans unique from everything else God made.

  • S2E5 Herders

    Shearing alpacas is hard work—and why are there so many of them? Discover why some animals live in groups, while others lead solitary lives, as Trevor and Avery meet an armadillo, a fennec fox, a massive Taiwan beauty snake, and more. Along the way, they'll explore if humans were created to live ...

  • S1E3 Monkey Business

    See some of God's rarely seen creations as Kashtan takes you on a behind the scenes adventure through Creation Kingdom Zoo. Did you know that Lemurs are considered primates? Meet primates like the Lemurs, DeBrazza's Monkey, and the mischievous Spider Monkeys who loves to wreak havoc on the zooke...