Answers for Women Conference 2023: Abide

Answers for Women Conference 2023: Abide

Get equipped to abide in Christ with teaching sessions from our 2023 Answers for Women conference held at the Ark Encounter from March 30–April 1, 2023. You’ll discover what this generation of Christians is going to need for what’s ahead—a theology of suffering.

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Answers for Women Conference 2023: Abide
  • Ken Ham: Death, Suffering, and a Loving God?

    Ken Ham - Death, Suffering, and a Loving God?
    As Christians, how do we come to grips with a loving God and yet the hardships of this world? How did death, disease, pain and suffering come into this world and what does God’s Word say about these issues?

    In this session, Ken Ham teaches about the...

  • Dr. Georgia Purdom: Hope Amid Despair

    Dr. Georgia Purdom - Hope Amid Despair | How do we abide in Christ, especially in times of suffering, despair, hardship, or persecution? In this session, Dr. Georgia Purdom offers practical answers to this question from God's Word using the framework of the "7 C's of History" and specific women...

  • Gracia Burnham: Called to Carry a Cross

    Gracia Burnham - Called to Carry a Cross
    After 15 years living as missionaries in the Philippines, Martin and Gracia Burnham were abducted in 2001 by terrorists and held captive in the jungle for over a year. On the last day of their captivity, Martin was tragically killed in a gunfight that erup...

  • Dr. Diana Lynn Severence: Call it All Joy - Christian Women Suffering with Grace

    Dr. Diana Lynn Severance - Call it All Joy: Christian Women Suffering with Grace | Persecution has been part of Christianity throughout its history. As Jesus said in John 15:20, "A servant is not greater than his master. If they persecuted me, they will also persecute you." What lessons can we ...

  • Justin Peters: The Truth About Trials

    Justin Peters - The Truth About Trials
    What do trials mean and how does God use suffering in the life of a Christian? If Jesus suffered and experienced trials, we should also expect to go through hardships. In this session, preacher and author Justin Peters teaches from James 1:2-4, 2 Corinthian...

  • Heidi St. John: Light a Thousand Fires

    Heidi St. John - Light a Thousand Fires

    A favorite speaker and author, Heidi St. John approaches marriage and parenting with humor and grace. Her passion to encourage moms and set them free to be who God has created them to be will bless and encourage you.

  • June Hunt: Domestic Abuse - There Is No Excuse for Abuse

    June Hunt - Domestic Abuse: There Is No Excuse for Abuse
    Pure-hearted women who genuinely want to please God, but who are not grounded in the Word of God, can become captive to an incorrect understanding of "biblical submission." Sometimes they associate submission with accepting abuse, believing...

  • Vicki Gaynier: Corrie ten Boom - A Light in Dark Places

    In this dramatic and compelling performance, Vickie Gaynier portrays Corrie ten Boom in "A Light in Dark Places."

    What can we learn from the life of Corrie ten Boom and her faithfulness to Christ through the suffering she endured in a Nazi concentration camp?

  • Jason Carlson: The Hope of Jesus in a World of Religions

    Jason Carlson - The Hope of Jesus in a World of Religions

    What is it about Jesus Christ that is so unique and special? What is the hope that we find in Jesus that is so different from every other religion and philosophy on earth? Watch as Rev. Jason Carlson explores these questions and leads you...

  • Andrew and Norrine Brunson: Prepare to Stand

    Andrew & Norrine Brunson - Prepare to Stand

    Are you prepared to stand if a wave of deep persecution (both social and financial) comes for Christians in America? Will you devote yourself to Jesus no matter what type of suffering comes your way? Andrew Brunson is on an assignment – to help encoura...

  • Costi Hinn: Suffering Like a Saint

    Costi Hinn - Suffering Like a Saint

    How we suffer as a Christian matters. We can have the right doctrine when it comes to suffering, but not always have the right actions, attitudes, emotions, or thoughts about suffering. In this session, Costi Hinn examines 1 Peter 4:12-16 and encourages us to ...

  • Allie Beth Stuckey: Yesterday, Today, and Forever

    Allie Beth Stuckey - Yesterday, Today, and Forever

    In our rapidly deteriorating culture where definitions change rapidly, Christians are accused of bigotry and hate, and moral depravity is celebrated, it is easy for believers to feel disheartened or be tempted to despair. It’s clear that our cul...