• On the Shoulders of Giants

    2 videos

    "Though they are dead, yet the Reformers speak. And they have a lot to say to us. How do we respond to the rabid attack on justification and the Gospel? How do we avoid making false converts? Should we evangelicals just lighten up theologically? What do we say to evolutionists, postmodernists and...

  • Untethered
    6 videos


    6 videos

    "The odds are stacked against you, Mom and Dad. Statistics claim that a whopping 60 to 80 percent of evangelical kids will “backslide.” Even in the Bible Belt. What is going on? Why are Christian losses growing while Christian converts are decreasing?

    ""Untethered"" dares to find the answer to t...

  • What Hath Darwin Wrought

    What Hath Darwin Wrought? investigates the shocking history of "social Darwinism" in America and Europe, including the eugenics crusade against the "unfit," the euthanasia movement, Nazi genocide, and current efforts to devalue the lives of the handicapped.

    Is social Darwinism a logical applicat...

  • Wretched TV Playlist

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    Select episodes from the more than 2,000 episodes of Wretched TV.
    Why is “Wretched” so fitting for us?
    • Some would argue that the program itself is downright wretched.
    • The host is fully aware of his wretchedness.
    • Wretched is at the very core of the Gospel: that God ...

  • Not Your Average Joe

    In this Witness Wednesday episode, Todd talks to Joe, a student who has some misconceptions about God and what it means to be a Christian. Visit us online: Wretched.org

  • The Cross is not the Electric Chair

    Is it wrong to wear a decorative cross necklace? We should remember that the cross was a brutal way to die - its goal was to shame criminals and make them suffer as much as possible. It is a sobering thing to remember the sacrifice our Savior made for us. Visit us online: Wretched.org

  • Don't Be That Guy

    New pastors face many challenges - most of which are to be expected, but some tend to sneak up out of nowhere. In this episode, Todd goes over a list from Thom Rainer, "Top Ten Surprises New Pastors Have" - this will help the new pastor prepare for ministry, and it will also help the Church to be...

  • Who, Who, What, What, What?

    In today's Witness Wednesday episode, Todd talks to Garret, a student who is a self-describing pragmatist, but doesn't have a source for morals. Can Todd reason him to believing in God? Visit us online: Wretched.org

  • Should We Apologize for Our Apologetics?

    Are you discerning in your apologetics? What is your motivation for witnessing to someone? Todd goes over a very helpful list of 20 Tips for Apologists from Apologetics315, which includes some fantastic reminders so that you don't let your apologetic studies hinder your spiritual life. Visit us o...

  • God's Second Book

    As Christians, we should regularly be reading God's books - the primary one, of course, being The Bible...but did you know God gave us a second book? Visit us online: Wretched.org

  • Will We Know Everything in Heaven?

    In this mailbag episode, Todd answers a really good question from a 6-year-old about heaven: since we'll be perfect, will we know everything? Other questions are about how to be a good leader in a marriage relationship and what the congregational structure of the Church should be. Visit us online...

  • Tolerating Trashy Preachers

    What does it mean to be "nice"? Are we called to be nice all the time? Is it "nice" to call out false teachers on their sin? Todd seeks to answer these questions in-depth in today's episode. Visit us online: Wretched.org