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Atheism - Fatally Flawed

World Religions & Cults Webinar

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  • Islam

    Rather than seeing Muslims as a people to fear, God wants us to reach out to them with the love and hope of Christ. While they believe that there is one true God, they reject Jesus as the Saviour that can bring them eternal life and rest from their striving. Join John Harris as he explains the es...

  • Mormonism

    They make great neighbors, but do the Mormons actually have new truth about Jesus not contained in the Bible? Roger Patterson grew up Mormon (also known as Latter Day Saints), and he reveals the truth about the doctrines of this non-Christian belief system. While many of the words sound the same,...

  • Refuting World Religions

    God's religion—Christianity—is the true religion as God himself is the truth (John 14:6). When judged against God and his Word, all other religions fall short and do not provide a way to eternity in heaven. Inconsistencies, arbitrariness, and other problems plague all other religions. This fascin...