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Should we answer the fool according to his folly or not?

Season 1, Episode 11

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  • Why can’t Christians just concentrate...

    Why can’t Christians just concentrate on the New Testament when sharing the Gospel? Because telling someone about the ‘good news’ makes little sense to people who don’t know the ‘bad news’ in Genesis.

  • Isn’t the Question of how God created...

    Aren’t Creation theories just like every other theological issue? With so many interpretations of creation from committed believers, why does Answers in Genesis believe the creation issue is different from differing views of baptism, soteriology or ‘end times’ etc.?

  • When exactly did the Fall happen?

    When exactly did the Fall happen? Many believers think there’s no way to know for sure, and some think that allows for the concept of ‘deep time’ to be added to the biblical timeline. Find out why Genesis shows we can have confident answers.