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Unlocking Science

S4E8 Classification Conundrums

Season 4, Episode 8

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  • S4E9 Unlocking the Ice Age

    How does an Ice Age happen? What do evolutionists believe about the Ice Age? What is the biblical perspective of the Ice Age? How did the ice sheets shape the land?

    In this episode, Mr. P discusses the evolutionists and the biblical beliefs of the Ice Age; learn about the water cycle and the re...

  • S4E10 When the Pressure's On

    If we can't see the air, how do we know it's there? Did you know that air is matter, has mass, and takes up space?

    Learn about air, pressure and gases with Mr. P and Dr. Faulkner. To prove the hypothesis that air has mass, they have demonstrations to prove or disprove this hypothesis. They a...

  • S4E11 Lighter than Air

    What keeps gases from floating out to space? How does gravity interact with our atmosphere?

    Learn about the atmosphere & gases that surround the Earth with Mr P & Dr Faulkner. In the demonstration, depending on the mass and density of the gas, they illustrate how gases will sink or float in t...