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Up Next in S7: "Evidence for Evolution"

  • Drug Resistant Bacteria – Part 2

    Textbooks often call antibiotic-resistant bacteria prime “evidence for evolution.” Based on a real textbook example, let’s use Critical Thinking Check #6 to look at what’s really going on in the observational science of bacteria resistance. There’s a lot more to the story than what many textbooks...

  • Do Similarities Prove Evolution?

    Do creatures with similar-looking features share the same evolutionary ancestor? Textbooks often say so, but let’s see how to think critically and biblically about such arguments.

  • Do Embryos Show Evolution? Part 1

    A classic argument for evolution says that different creatures have similar embryos and therefore share an evolutionary ancestor. 19th-century biologist, Ernst Haeckel, famously forged drawings making embryos appear more alike than they are and believed embryos re-enact evolution. While most scie...