The Wild Brothers Adventures

The Wild Brothers Adventures

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Don't miss a single adventure with the Wild Brothers! Get ready to meet the sons of Mike and Libby Wild, a homeschooling missionary family that lives deep in the jungle of a remote Pacific island. These four modern-day missionary kids adventure far into creation and discover the rich wildlife and tribal life of the South Seas Islands.

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The Wild Brothers Adventures
  • Gone Hiking

    Episode 35

    Go on a 15-mile hike through the Florida trails with Asher and Kian and their good friends, (tall) Asher and Jonathan in this episode of The Wild Way. And hear from Asher about how hiking can be a lot like our relationships with God’s Word.

    While they are off on their hike, meet Stella, the baby...

  • The Don Treader

    Episode 34

    Head out into the water with us on the Don Treader, our new boat, in this episode of The Wild Way. We’re going to have a cousin fishing competition (Logan is also joining us for this trip) to see who can catch the largest fish and the most fish. Hear from Kian how the Don Treader came into our po...

  • New Normal

    Episode 33

    In the latest episode of The Wild Way, check in on the newlyweds and see where they are living now. After Morgan and Alyssa give you a tour of their home, Hudson introduces you to a special person visiting from Montana. Meanwhile, Asher and Kian take a bike ride and give you an update on the family.

  • Newlyweds in Mexico

    Episode 29

    After Morgan and Alyssa’s wedding, which we reflected on in episode 28, Morgan and Alyssa headed to a city just outside of Tulum, Mexico. Tag along with them in this episode of The Wild Way as they do a little exploring away from their resort, which includes a stop at a cenote (a natural deep-wat...

  • Wild Wedding

    Episode 28

    We’ve added a sister to the Wild family! In this episode of The Wild Way, we reflect on the wedding of our oldest brother, Morgan, and his new bride, Alyssa. The wedding was held outside at the Eden Gardens State Park, and we were worried about rain because we did not have a backup plan! Enjoy th...

  • Modern Miracle: Olivia’s Story

    Episode 27

    On August 11, 2020, our good friend Olivia Swan was in a very bad car wreck with her father. They were hit by a semitruck on the interstate, and Olivia suffered horrific injuries. In this episode of The Wild Way, join Olivia as she shares her story and what God has taught her over this past year.

  • The Plane Wreck

    Episode 26

    We are heading out for an early-morning trip in the bayou before church with our good friends, the Swans, in this episode of The Wild Way. We are keeping our eyes open for wildlife and wildflowers to make a bouquet to take back to their mom along the way before we explore the site of a plane wrec...

  • Wild Brothers Downtown

    Episode 25

    We continue reflecting on our Montana fun in this episode of The Wild Way. Join us as we help prepare deer and elk meat for jerky before we head downtown to grab some ice cream. Then, head up the mountain with us as we explore the local M trail. Make sure you watch until the end, where Kian recap...

  • A Wild Encounter with Ken Ham and the Wild Brothers

    Ken Ham chats with Hudson, Kian, and Asher Wild of The Wild Brothers about missionary life, modern missions, unreached peoples, why they created their popular reality show, future plans, and more. It's a fun interview with behind-the-scenes stories and a wonderful perspective from three godly you...

  • Return to Montana

    Episode 24

    For our next two episodes of The Wild Way, we reflect on some of the fun adventures we experienced earlier this year. Travel back to Montana with Hudson and Kian as we spend time in the snow with our good friends, the Schroeders, during our break from school. What activities will we get to experi...

  • The Urban Machete

    Episode 23

    Our cousin, Logan, has been visiting with us recently, so we’re heading out to the beach for a fishing contest in this episode of The Wild Way. Hudson also shares an exciting idea we’ve been discussing for our online shop and reflects on how important using a machete was to our daily lives in sou...

  • The Boys Get Skunked

    Episode 22

    We love going out on the water and fishing with our grandpa. In this episode of The Wild Way, we head out on the boat for our first fishing trip of the year. We’re in search large fish such as king mackerel and sailfish. As we wait for the fish to bite, Hudson reflects on a memorable adventure on...

  • Asher’s Drive

    Episode 21

    The Wild Way finds Asher behind the wheel of a car as he prepares to earn his driver’s license. Ride along with Asher and his driving instructor, Morgan, to see how this drive goes—including a surprise lesson!

    Then, stick around to meet a second new member of our family, Tessa, the twin sister o...

  • New Addition to the Family

    Episode 20

    Meet the newest addition to the family in the latest episode of The Wild Way! We recently adopted a three-month-old kitten that we named Mia from the Alaqua Animal Refuge. We are trying to feed her an all-natural meals, so Morgan heads out in the bayou to see if he can catch some fish in the shal...

  • Stuck at Home

    Episode 19

    We are all a little under the weather in this episode of The Wild Way, but this time has allowed us to work on a project we’ve been wanting to tackle for a while. Take a look at what we’ve been working on while we’ve been stuck at home with Kian, and then learn more about future family plans with...

  • Bayou Beast

    Episode 18

    We see a lot of God’s amazing creatures living on the bayou here in Florida. In this episode of The Wild Way, Hudson spots an alligator—the bayou beast—and he heads out on the water to see how close he can get (we don’t recommend trying this on your own!). Then, later, head to a local air force b...

  • Tracking Down the Tree

    Episode 17

    It might be April now, but join us back in December as we hunt for the perfect Christmas tree in this episode of The Wild Way. Our original plans to find our tree didn’t pan out, so will we find one this year? Along the way, learn more about what celebrating this special time of the year means to...

  • Montana Finale

    Episode 16

    We made it up to the Mentoring Timothy property in this episode of The Wild Way, and we are heading out into the wilderness to gather wood for the property’s fireplaces. After spending the night in one of the Schroeders’ yurts, we woke up to snow—the first time we’ve ever seen it! You definitely ...

  • Turquoise Lake

    Episode 15

    Lace up your hiking boots and hit the trails with us for a 12-mile, round trip hike in the Mission Mountains, located in the Flathead National Forest. Along the way, we check out the breathtaking view from Turquoise Lake. Help us keep an eye out for wildlife, such as mountain lions and grizzly be...

  • Tourists in Montana

    Episode 14

    Climb aboard a kayak with us as head set sail on Holland Lake, bound for Holland Island, and check out the scenery with us in this episode of the The Wild Way. Then, after a day of fun at the lake, join us as we check out Glacier National Park. Keep an eye out for wildlife that we don’t get to se...

  • Rafting in Montana

    Episode 13

    We continue our trip in Montana with a water adventure in episode 14 of The Wild Way. Join Hudson, Kian, and Asher as they join the Schroeders for a rafting trip! Along the way, check out the beautiful scenery, and help us see if we can find any otters for Asher. What will we find?

  • Montana!

    Episode 12

    Board the plane and head northwest with Hudson, Kian, and Asher as they head to visit family friends in Montana in the latest episode of The Wild Way. After they arrive, jump on a 4-wheeler and head up the mountain to the watch tower. You won’t want to miss the views in this episode!

  • Boggy Boys

    Episode 11

    This latest episode of The Wild Way finds Morgan and Hudson going off to cast their votes in our local elections while Kian heads out on the bayou. Join Kian as he takes you around Hermit Crab Beach, where the Wild brothers used to find many hermit crabs growing up, and hear the other brothers’ r...

  • 25 Miles Out

    Episode 10

    We’re headed back out into the Gulf of Mexico on the hunt for red snapper in this episode of The Wild Way. We are going 25 miles out from shore, which is the farthest we’ve ever gone to fish, because we’ve heard it is a good spot to catch this type of fish. Will we be successful?