The Swan: XTRA 1

The Swan: XTRA 1

Dr. Dennis Swanberg (The Swan): XTRA 1 Playlist

Dr. Dennis Swanberg, affectionately known to his national TV audiences as “The Swan”, is a seasoned and solid communicator whose sly wit delivers life-enriching truths to the heart on wings of laughter.

A deeply loved pastor, Dr. Swanberg has won the hearts of audiences across the country. The Swan has been called “America’s Minister of Encouragement” because of his constant work at lifting hearts and leading people to a richer life through his “one of a kind” humor. His side-splitting stories of growing up, families, and the funny side of life entertains his audience even as he implants a strong message: we all have our flaws and foibles but we can also find a reason to smile!

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The Swan: XTRA 1
  • A Bright Light

    The Swan reflects on conversations with his mother, Pauline Bernadine! She is always good for some material that will make you laugh! I hope this clip lightens your mood and blesses your day!

  • A Going Problem

    The Swan reflects on childhood and his "Going Problem!"
    (A clip from the title: "Get Over It & Laugh")

  • Better Than Metamucil

    Floyd Leon & Pauleen Bernadeen were always good for some new material! And now I'm getting up in age and find out that I am becoming like my dad! I remember his wisdom and words of what was coming as I got older and I am learning to realize he was right! I hope that this great story brings you la...

  • Contemporary Worship

    Enjoy this excerpt from "The Swan's" Title: Fair & Balanced
    Recorded Live at Lake Point Church in Rockwall, Texas.

  • Drinkin’ From the Saucer

    I'll always be "drinkin' from my saucer because my cup is overflowed!"

  • Entertaining at Home

    My "Honey Love" entertains like no other! For all you ladies that know how to set the perfect table, host a great party, and make your man clean up the will enjoy this! I still love having people over when Lauree is in charge!

  • Family Flaws

    We all love our families but they all have their faults, flaws, and funny aspects! I don't know of any family that isn't dysfunctional in some way! So I like to poke some fun at mine and I hope that you enjoy!

  • George Foreman Grill

    I love my "George Foreman Grill!"

  • He Called Me Champ

    A wonderful message from "America's Minister of Encouragement" offering a tribute to his father, Floyd Leon, and all of the wonderful fathers out there...none greater than our Heavenly Father!!! Enjoy this clip taken from the title "He Called Me Champ!"

  • Hug Your Mother

    Hug Your Mother - A clip from the title "Is Your Love Tank Full"

  • It’s Tough Gettin’ Older

    An excerpt from the Title: "Bail Out With Laughter"
    Recorded Live at First Baptist Church in Springdale, Arkansas

  • Jingle Bells

    Story: "Jingle Bells"
    From the Title: "Christmas With the Swan"

  • Just a Father’s Day Card

    There are times when life can get hard...and in these days don't we know that all too well! Sometimes we can get down...and that is the case for "The Ole' Swan" too! But I was reminded this past week of a Father's Day Card that I got from my son and it lifted my spirits. I pray that we always rem...

  • Laughter in Church

    Dr. Dennis Swanberg - "Laughter in Church"
    A clip from the title: "Is Your Love Tank Full"

  • Laughter Through Impressions

    "Laughter Through Impressions"
    A clip from the title: "Is Your Love Tank Full"

  • Lauree is Great With Child

    "Lauree is Great With Child"
    A clip from the title: "Greatest Laughs - Volume 2"

  • Laverne... “I’m Sizzlin”

    "Laverne... 'I'm Sizzlin'"
    A clip from the title: "Greatest Laughs - Volume 3"

  • Limburger Cheese

    Enjoy getting into the Christmas Spirit with a laugh! Crazy things happen during church sometimes and this memory is one that I will never forget! I hope that you and yours have a wonderful Christmas and Holiday Season! Remember...we are Better Together!!!

  • Locked Out In Atlanta

    During all this time that we are all "Locked Up"...I remembered being "Locked Out" in Atlanta, GA! I was so embarrassed that I didn't tell anyone for months! This story is one that is sure to make you laugh and help you lighten up during this "Lock In"

  • Loved In Your Language

    Dr. Dennis Swanberg - "Loved In Your Language"
    A clip from the title: "Is Your Love Tank Full"