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Dr. Dennis Swanberg, affectionately known to his national TV audiences as “The Swan”, is a seasoned and solid communicator whose sly wit delivers life-enriching truths to the heart on wings of laughter.

A deeply loved pastor, Dr. Swanberg has won the hearts of audiences across the country. The Swan has been called “America’s Minister of Encouragement” because of his constant work at lifting hearts and leading people to a richer life through his “one of a kind” humor. His side-splitting stories of growing up, families, and the funny side of life entertains his audience even as he implants a strong message: we all have our flaws and foibles but we can also find a reason to smile!

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The Swan: Newer
  • 8-Track Guy in an iPod World

    8-Track Guy in an iPod World: Are you feeling ''left behind'' by technology? Do your kids roll their eyes when you can't retrieve cell phone messages? Do you remember typewriters, Pac-Man, and 45s? With his dynamic blend of powerful stories and humorous reminiscences, America's ''Minister of Enco...

  • Bail Out With Laughter

    "The Swan" Dennis Swanberg - Bail Out With Laughter

    My nest egg has been scrambled...
    My 401K has been fried
    "Big Swan" the grandpa
    Brunette Miracles
    Drinkin' tea from that stained tupperware
    Wedgies and frontal hugs
    It's tough gettin' older
    The best of times
    My Dad/My Hero

  • Fair and Balanced: The Laughter Starts Here!!

    "The Swan" Dr. Dennis Swanberg - Fair and Balanced: The Laughter Starts Here!!

    Don't step on my tube!
    Brother Dennis, I think he's dead!
    I love my sleep apnea machine
    My wife is "gain' through a stage"
    I think I need to rededicate my life!
    Is a monogram and a sonogram the same thing?
    No naps on ...

  • Get Over IT...And Laugh!!

    We all have our quirks and hang-ups we need to get over. Join The Swan as he shares new hilarious stories about family, friends, and laughing!

  • Live Refreshed

    Let "The Swan" encourage and bring a dose of good ol' homemade refreshment to your life today!

    A few refreshing stories...

    1. I Love Refreshments!
    2. Big Tummies and Fiber Diets
    3. Tombstone Revelations
    4. Her Daddy Fixed It - My Momma Cooked!
    5. Pauline Bernadeen and Fox News

  • Lovin’ Life

    "Lovin' Life" was recorded LIVE at Shadow Mountain Community Church and recently released for your enjoyment! This is some of Dennis's best stuff, and the audience never fails to make it even better. They just can't stop laughing!

  • Make America Laugh Again!

    Why do we need to laugh? Laughter is a celebration of the good. It's also how we deal with the "not so good." Laughing is, and always will be, the best form of therapy. Join The Swan as he encourages America to "Laugh Again!" Life IS better...when you're laughing!

    Recorded Live at Tallowood Bapt...

  • It’s Time To Laugh at Mud Creek

    Ecclesiastes 3:4 says… “there’s a time for tears and there’s a time for laughter.” This is one of those times you need to just sit back and laugh! As the featured guest speaker for Clear Word Counseling Center and Mud Creek Baptist Church in Hendersonville, North Carolina, Dr. Swanberg delivers o...