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Up Next in The Bible Webinar (5th December 2020)

  • Archaeological Evidence for the Bible

    Evidence, widely accepted by mainstream scholars of biblical archaeology, has repeatedly shown that “archaeology, correctly understood, always confirms the accuracy of the Bible.” So, in this presentation, Brian introduces the people and events that Bible critics once thought never existed.


  • Scientific Evidence for the Bible

    Professor Andy McIntosh considers evidence in 3 areas : 1) The design of the ecosystem - The amazing design of the sun, the moon and the oceans; 2) The design of man - The ability to stand upright, the ability to speak and sing, and the ability to communicate abstract ideas; 3) The fossils and ...

  • Inerrancy & The Undermining of Biblic...

    This lecture considers several excellent statements related to Genesis, creation, and its age produced by the International Council on Biblical Inerrancy. Dr. Mortenson then shows how and why ICBI leaders affirmed these good statements while also accepting millions of years of earth history as fa...

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